Rhea asks Aaliya what she’s planning to do? She tells her everyone in this house favours Prachi so we have to plan an attack outside and her men will take her Wedding Necklace.

Prachi prays at the Temple to ease her worry and she gets blessings from the Priest.

Aaliya calls Vicky, a petty Thief and he tells that Prachi is coming out and disconnects the call.

As Prachi exits the Temple, Aaliya’s goons try to snatch Prachi’s nuptial chain by holding a knife at her throat.

Ranbeer, while on his way to Bangalore, hears the commotion and runs to help Prachi. He tries to convince Prachi to give up her nuptial chain to the thieves but Prachi strictly refuses. Despite Ranbeer having offered his money and diamond ring, the thieves snatch Prachi’s chain and Ranbeer thrashes them. He then snatches back Prachi’s chain and puts it on her neck himself. The thieves flee and call Aaliya, who insists for them to return to steal the nuptial chain!

The thieves comply and return to thrash Ranbeer. As Ranbeer tries to get Prachi and himself into the car, the thieves snatch his keys and stab him.

Prachi, in a panic, picks up a brick and hits one of the thieves with it, stabbing another with their own knife. The thieves flee in fear and Prachi cries for help.

Prachi asks Ranbir not to close his eyes and calls Pallavi but she doesn’t pick up. Vikram asks Pallavi to pick up. Prachi calls Pallavi again but she doesn’t pick up. Vikram asks her why did she change so much? She tells him that he doesn’t know who’s good or bad.

Prachi calls an ambulance. Ranbir closes his eyes and Prachi yells at him to open his eyes. Someone comes and helps her call a Taxi. She gets into the taxi and asks Ranbir to stay with her and promises to never fight with him.

Dadi tells Sahana that she should call Prachi to know where her medicines are kept and calls her. Prachi picks up ands starts crying. Dadi asks her what happened and she tells that she’s taking Ranbir to the City Hospital as some goons have stabbed him. She drops the phone in shock.

Vikram and Pallavi come there and ask what happened? She tells them about Ranbir and they all rush to the hospital.

Prachi reaches the hospital and the Doctor takes him inside and tells that he needs to be operated and asks Prachi if she can grant him the permission now and can sign later as he can’t waste time. Prachi tells yes.

The Kohlis comes to the hospital. Pallavi slaps Prachi and blames her for everything. She asks her who is she to give consent for Ranbir’s operation as she doesn’t know what being a mother is! She tells that Ranbir has only seen sadness because of her!

The Doctor comes out and Pallavi tells him that she won’t grant him the permission! The Doctor tells her that he can’t operate unless she at least gives a verbal permission. He tells he’s aware of his responsibilities.

Vikram asks Prachi to sign the papers. Prachi signs them and the Doctor goes to operate.

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