Aaliya calls up Rhea and she cries. She vents her frustration and distress to Aaliya after she overhears Prachi and Sahana’s conversation wherein Prachi spoke about eloping with Ranbeer. Aaliya instigates her and asks her to stay motivated for her objective.

Rhea then heads out as Prachi and Sahana prepare to leave for the hospital in a taxi. With an intent to attack Prachi, Rhea picks up a broken glass bottle and sneaks behind Prachi, only for Prachi to be interrupted by Sahana. Sahana and Rhea then leave in a taxi.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer longs for Prachi.

Prachi insists to buy mangoes for Ranbeer and sends Sahana off in a taxi. As she walks over to a mango vendor’s cart, Rhea drives towards her with the intent to hit her with her car. Another car ends up hitting Prachi. A crowd gathers around her as she bleeds through a wound in her head.

Ranbeer senses some trouble and grows restless.

Rhea begins to ignore her and walk away, but remembers Pragya’s lesson about staying with each other through thick and thin. Rhea then runs up to Prachi and prepares to help her.

Rhea brings Prachi to the hospital. The Doctor comes and tells that the Patient is critical and shifts her to the OT. Rhea then wonders whether she helped her due to her newly awakened sisterly emotion or her ego? Then she decides to not tell anyone in the family that Prachi is admitted to the hospital and hopes that she dies. She thinks if anyone does get to know she’s in a critical state then she will lie and tell that she didn’t want to bother anyone as they were all tensed for Ranbir and she believed that she will get better soon.

The Doctor comes and asks Rhea what is her blood group and she replies it doesn’t match. The Doctor says if Prachi doesn’t get blood, her condition will be very serious and goes in.

Rhea smiles thinking her plan is good and thinks that no one will even suspect her as it’s an accident. She thinks Aaliya is there to support her but her ideas don’t always work out. She goes and Pallavi asks her about Prachi. Rhea tells that she thought Prachi would’ve reached already as she had informed her long back. Pallavi gets angry at Prachi. Rhea, in front of the family, volunteers to meet Ranbeer first instead of Prachi, then Pallavi goes inside the ward with Rhea. Ranbir asks them where’s Prachi and Pallavi tells that she didn’t come.

Aaliya then takes Rhea aside to question her. Rhea then tells her about Prachi’s condition.

As the family gathers in Ranbeer’s room, Ranbeer continues to ask for Prachi.

The Doctor asks a Nurse to tell Rhea that Prachi and her unborn baby are fine, and the Nurse enters Ranbeer’s room.

The Doctor informs Prachi that the Nurse has gone to inform Rhea about her pregnancy. Prachi gets shocked and runs.

The Nurse tells everyone that she has news about Prachi, but Rhea chimes in and tells everyone about Prachi’s accident, but before the Nurse is able to reveal Prachi’s pregnancy. A treated Prachi walks in and Ranbeer grows concerned. Prachi hugs the Nurse and informs her that her pregnancy has to be kept a secret.

After Prachi is taken back to her hospital room, Ranbeer asks the Doctor about her and begins to head to her room in concern after learning that she was admitted to the hospital. He tells the family he’ll be back.

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