Ranbir tells her that their marriage was fake and very toxic. Rhea blames Prachi for everything.

Prachi tells her she didn’t know about the divorce. Rhea pushes her but Ranbir manages to hold her.

Pallavi tells Ranbir that Prachi is not their daughter-in-law but Rhea is! He tells them that he doesn’t care what they think but he wants to start afresh with his wife and baby. He reveals to everyone that Prachi is pregnant. Rhea gets shocked and Prachi feels very happy. He tells everyone that he will fight for his family!

Rhea tells him that he won’t be able to fight if he doesn’t have a family and stabs Prachi.

Ranbir wakes up from his dream and tells Stanley that he should do something else to make Rhea sign the papers as she won’t easily agree to sign.

Later, Rhea and Stanley bump into each other and she yells at him and asks him if he can’t walk properly??

Prachi comes and apologises to him for Rhea’s behaviour and tells her not to yell at him.

Ranbir comes and takes him away and he tells Ranbir that Prachi is a good person. Ranbir agrees and he tells that he just wants to go back to his old apartment of Sudha’s and live peacefully with Prachi and tells that he will transfer his property to Rhea as compensation if needed. He tells Stanley that Rhea drugged Prachi and took her signatures on divorce papers. Stanley asks him to use the same method to make Rhea sign and he agrees.

Sudha comes home and Prachi gets excited seeing her. She goes and talks to her.

Ranbir goes and interrupts them hoping to stop her from revealing about him buying her house. Sudha is about to reveal the news but he takes Prachi away and starts dancing.

Stanley starts playing music and he signals him a thank you.

Prachi asks him why’s he dancing with her suddenly?

Sudha exclaims that she’s happy Ranbir is buying the apartment for Prachi. Pallavi overhears it and gets surprised.

Dadi tells Pallavi that Ranbir bought the house so he could ask Prachi to go stay there. Pallavi feels relieved and Sahana gets shocked hearing it.

Stanley recalls Ranbir’s plan to make Rhea drink and sign the papers. He offers her a drink but she leaves. Dadi takes the drink and drinks it.

Prachi and Ranbir dance and Rhea gets angry seeing them.

Juice falls on Prachi, both of them go to the room to clean her up. Ranbir steps on her saree accidentally.

Mr Kapoor asks Vikram why did he say Prachi was Ranbir’s wife? He tells him that Prachi is his wife but Rhea just claims to be it.

Aaliya asks Rhea if she was serious about what she said? Rhea tells yes.

Prachi looks at her torn saree and tells Ranbir to go down to his business partners as he has also told them Rhea is his wife. Ranbir tells her to fight back for her respect. Prachi grabs his collar and asks him if he even cares for her?? He says he cares for her a lot. She asks him to stay away! He tells her that he has to say something. He tells her he loves her and his love doesn’t depend on her mood. Prachi asks him if he has a right to her then what about Rhea?

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