Ranbeer enters Prachi’s hospital room and Prachi wakes up. He then puts her nuptial chain around her neck as she grows tearful. Prachi asks Ranbeer to head to the house and Ranbeer reluctantly leaves the room. He then requests the Doctor to tell his family that he needs to stay in the hospital for a few more days and the Doctor obeys, despite initial reluctance.

Vikram brings the family to Prachi’s room and asks about her health. Pallavi begins to taunt Prachi and when Vikram begins to chide her, Rhea reminds him that Prachi is responsible for the attack on Ranbeer!

After everyone leaves, Prachi calls after Rhea.

Ranbeer charms the Receptionist into shifting him to the room next to Prachi’s room.

Rhea tells Prachi that she had wished for the latter’s death and confesses to have hired Nick to kill her as well. She also tells her that she regrets bringing her to the hospital and that she would keep wishing for her death! Rhea then exits the room and runs into Sahana, thereby chiding her for not being with Prachi.

Pallavi sees Ranbir walking and asks the Doctor where’s he going. The Doctor lies to her that he’s going for a lab test. She asks him not to lie and he confesses that he just wanted to shift next to Prachi so he can be happy. Pallavi gets angry.

Sahana comes into Prachi’s ward and cries. Prachi asks her not to cry as she’s fine now. Prachi tells Rhea was the one who saved her life by getting her admitted and tells that she even told her that she regrets saving her. She tells that Rhea hopes that she dies and cries. Sahana tells Prachi that it’s her mistake since she had the emotions of sister for her. Prachi tells her that they aren’t sisters as Ranbir is between them. The Nurse comes and takes Prachi for the scanning.

Ranbir senses that Prachi is around and turns and spots her. He gets happy and takes the rose and walks towards her.

Pallavi calls Rhea and asks her to go and be with Ranbir so he doesn’t cross his limits and asks her to stop him from becoming close to Prachi! Rhea agrees and gets happy.

The Doctor asks Prachi if she wants to listen to her baby’s heartbeat? She becomes happy and says yes. She listens to the heartbeat and gets emotional.

Ranbir walks towards the door and hears the Doctor tell her that her baby is healthy. She becomes happy and tells she can’t wait for the baby to come.

Ranbir gets shocked and wonders why did Prachi hide this from him even though she knew how much he wanted a baby? He goes inside and asks the Doctor where is Prachi? The Doctor informs him that the Nurse took her back.

Ranbir gets happy and asks the ward boy to distribute sweets as he’s becoming a father. He goes and sees Prachi sleeping and questions why was she scared to tell him???

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