Ranbir asks Prachi not to think about Rhea and to think about them. He opens the wardrobe and takes a saree she has never worn. She goes to the bathroom but it’s wet. She tells him to leave so that she can change in the room but the room door seems locked.

Dadi takes Rhea into the room. She tells her to pack all her things as she has ruined their lives! She tells Pallavi that she didn’t let her be a good mother-in-law and now, not even a good mother. She asks Pallavi to pack Rhea’s bags. Rhea tells her she won’t go anywhere!

Rhea tells Pallavi that Ranbir is going to propose to her and that he is going to divorce Prachi tomorrow. Dadi falls unconscious.

Stanley is hiding in the wardrobe. Ranbir tells Prachi that the door is locked. Prachi tells him that she doesn’t like him. He thinks she’s having mood swings. Ranbir goes to the bathroom and Prachi asks him not to come out. When he comes out, he sees her on the floor and goes to pick her up. She argues with him. He tells her that he did everything she wanted. Prachi tells him that he left her and married Rhea.

Vikram tells Pallavi he will tell everyone that Ranbir’s wife is Prachi. Aaliya overhears and thinks of teaching him a lesson!

Prachi and Ranbir get out of the room through the window and go to the terrace. He asks her about their first meeting. He tells at that time, he saw a girl who made him want to live life and taught him how to love. She asks him why is he telling her this? He tells her that she’s his whole life. He tells her he wants to live with her and start afresh. He tells her they are united by their vermilion and will never separate. 

Prachi asks him if he’s saying all this because he pities her? She tells him whenever he expresses his love, he goes back to Rhea. He tells her that even he was hurt many times but he never expressed it. He tells her that, that night he was going to meet her, he collided with something and fell on the road. He also tells her he knows everything that she is pregnant with his baby. Prachi gets emotional. He bends down on his knees and says sorry. Prachi sits with him and holds his hand emotionally. 

Ranbeer and Prachi makes up and hug each other. Ranbir says he never thought he will tell her the news that he’s going to be a Dad. Prachi gets up and says you are going to be a Dad. Ranbir gets up and tries to put the ring on her finger. Prachi signals at him to get on his knees. Ranbir puts the ring on her finger. Prachi asks when did he know? Ranbir says in the hospital. Prachi asks so you knew and today you asked Rhea for divorce and you are going to announce that we are going to be together. Ranbir says he did not talk to Rhea until now and he will talk later.

Rhea says there is really someone and tells him not to steal anything. Pallavi calls the security and tells them to come to Ranbir’s room as there is a Thief.

Stanley comes out and acts as he came here because he heard from the security that someone is inside and he came here to save them. Pallavi and Rhea question him but he makes something up and opens the wardrobe and says there is only a mouse there. Pallavi and Rhea doesn’t know what to say.

Prachi pushes Ranbir away and takes off the ring and says you should have come to me after divorcing Rhea but you didn’t, you just want to take revenge! Prachi walks away and falls on her stomach. Prachi shouts my child!!! Ranbir shouts Prachi???

It is shown that he dreamed of it happening. Ranbir helps Prachi against the door and everything happens just like in his dream like Deja vu and he goes to the window to open it. Ranbir goes out the window.

Stanley says he is going to go. Pallavi asks him how did you know this is Ranbir’s room and you also lied before? Pallavi says this is Kohli’s Mansion and no mouse will come here. Stanley says mice are not literate they will come seeing the food not the house and there is food downstairs. Rhea asks him mouse is not literate but you look like you are!Stanley says yes I am, my job last time was gone now I am working because of forced circumstances. If you have a job in your company please consider me. Pallavi says we will consider and you check where the guards are.

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