The party begins. Prachi thinks Ranbir might remember and wish her later.

Dadi tells Sahana that Ranbir is planning to buy the rented house for Prachi. Sahana gets happy.

Rhea introduces herself as Ranbir’s wife to Mr Kapoor.

Aaliya tells Pallavi everyone is complimenting Ranbir.

Rhea comes and tells them that Mr Kapoor told her she played a big role in Ranbir’s success. They get happy.

Ranbir goes behind Prachi and stops her but she ignores him. He comes in front of her and tells her he won’t move till he compliments her. She compliments him and then asks him to move. He tells her that she looks beautiful. She asks him not to lie.

Ranbir asks Prachi if she’s upset? She tells him that she’s very much worried and leaves.

Ranbir calls Stanley and tells him to send the divorce papers. Ranbir takes his jacket off and goes into the bathroom.

Rhea follows him and checks his blazer and finds the ring and gets happy.

Rhea goes to Aaliya and tells her that she found a ring box in Ranbir’s blazer.

The divorce lawyer tells Stanley the divorce won’t happen as Rhea will never leave Ranbir. Stanley calls Ranbir and tells him the divorce papers are ready, but Prachi picks the call up.

Prachi tells Ranbir that she knows his truth. He’s surprised.

Prachi tells Sahana when Ranbir saved her Wedding Necklace, she thought he values her but then she saw him hug Rhea later. She tells her that they were happy in their rented house and they should have never come back. She tells they didn’t even have enough money to celebrate their anniversary but they were very happy. Prachi tells she had given her money to the peon for his daughter’s wedding and forgot that they had no money to celebrate their own anniversary. They only had Rs 60 with them but they bought a mini cake with that money. They cut the cake and promise to be with each other for 1000 years.

Prachi tells Sahana that was the best day. Here, the house is big and there is a huge party but there is no heart in this!

Ranbir thinks that nothing will be incomplete now. He will divorce Rhea and then he and Prachi can be together in their house forever!

Ranbir thinks of talking to Rhea about the divorce. He receives Stanley’s call informing that he reached the party. He goes and takes the papers from Stanley.

Ranbir goes to Rhea and tells her he loves Prachi and works hard for her but there is a problem. He tells her he wants to divorce her as he wants to continue being in a relationship with Prachi. She gets shocked. Rhea tells him that she won’t sign the papers!

Rhea goes and tells Pallavi and everyone that Ranbir wants to divorce her. She tells him that he’s a liar and he used her to take revenge on Prachi; she loved him throughout but all he did was lie to her!

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