The Nurse informs him that she’s in deep sleep because of the pills. He apologises for yelling at her but tells that they will fight once she’s awake.

Ranbir lies down beside Prachi in the ward. Vikram recalls Pallavi slapping Prachi and getting angry. He tells her that Prachi has no one with her right now and that he will support her. He asks her why did she slap Prachi in the hospital when she even gave consent to Ranbir’s treatment? He tells her that she has no sympathy for Prachi.

Ranbir tells her that until his last breath he will protect and love her no matter what. He tells her that he will not let Rhea come in between us.

Rhea comes to Ranbir’s ward and thinks he’s in Prachi’s room as she doesn’t spot him there. Rhea goes there and Ranbir hugs her and she gets surprised.

Prachi opens her eyes and sees them. Ranbir tells Rhea that Prachi will tell her the reason for his happiness. Prachi gets upset and tells the Nurse she wants to go home. Rhea gets happy thinking about Ranbir hugging her. She holds onto Ranbir and acts as if she’s sleeping. Prachi gets more upset. Ranbir wonders why Prachi looks angry?

Sahana asks Prachi what happened and she tells her she will tell Sahana everything when they reach home.

Jai goes to the Office and sees someone sitting there. He calls Ranbir and Ranbir tells him to tell Stanley Johnson to come tomorrow.

They reach home. Rhea gets upset seeing Ranbir and Prachi share an intimate moment.

Rhea warns Prachi to stay away from Ranbir!

Prachi comes inside the house and sees Ranbir holding an aarti plate.

Ranbir tells Prachi and Sahana to come inside as he wants to do only her aarti since he wished to welcome her like that. Dadi tells him that either her or Pallavi will do the aarti but he tells her that he will do it and no else will. He does the aarti and tells her that it is his duty to support her. They walk inside. Pallavi says aarti is done for grah pravesh  and this is really strange. Rhea smiles thinking of Ranbir hugging her and she dances with Aaliya in her room getting very happy. She tells Aaliya that Ranbir has finally started developing feelings for her as he hugged her willingly and even Prachi saw that. Aaliya tells her that she’s happy for her.

Prachi tells Sahana that she has changed her decision. She tells that she was about to tell Ranbir about the pregnancy but she’s thankful that she met with an accident as when she woke up, she saw Ranbir and Rhea hugging each other and she realised the truth and how much she actually means to him.

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