Ranbir searches for the divorce papers. Sudha calls him but he leaves telling her he will come. Sudha gets angry and leaves from there with her family. Ranbir didn’t get the cover.

Rhea sees the cover and asks Pallavi about it? Pallavi tells her she got it from the living room. Rhea says it belongs to Ranbir. Pallavi asks her to keep that cover and asks her to call Vikram.

Prachi comes there and asks what happened to Dadi? Pallavi says she got drunk by mistake. She asks Prachi to leave her Son and daughter-in-law’s  room!

Dadi wakes up and scolds Pallavi. She advises Pallavi to become a good Mother-in-law. Pallavi asks her to sleep. Dadi asks when her thinking will change?

Prachi asks Dadi to not get angry. Dadi asks Prachi to learn from Pallavi how to answer back a Mother-in-law. She threatens to jump from the window if she doesn’t scold Pallavi and Rhea!

Prachi says to Pallavi that she mistreated her even though she considers her as her mother and you always called my relationship with Ranbir a lie even though you know that we are married and you asked him at the Police station to fill my hairline with vermilion.

Pallavi says it’s a forced situation! Prachi says even I can say Ranbir married Rhea in forced circumstances.

Rhea asks why she is dragging her in between?? Dadi warns her to not talk in between!

Prachi says her forehead will always have Ranbir’s vermilion. Pallavi says time will change everything!

Dadi loses her consciousness. Prachi makes her sleep.

Pallavi tells Prachi that Ranbir brought the rented house and planned to oust you so you can stay there and we can stay here happily!

The lawyer ask Ranbir if he’s sure he wants to divorce Rhea? Ranbir tells that Rhea has had a habit of living in luxury, so if he’s going to offer alimony, then because of greed, she might leave him and let him be in peace with Prachi. He tells that he’s giving most of his proprieties to her so her kids also would not have to work.

Aaliya comes and hears Ranbir telling the lawyer that he wants to keep Rhea happy so he wants to transfer most of his properties to her.

Stanley sees her overhearing and comes and tells Ranbir.

Prachi tells Pallavi that she doesn’t believe that Ranbir is going to leave her. Pallavi tells that it’s the truth, as Ranbir bought an apartment for her so she can go live there. She tells that she’s happy that Prachi is finally getting out of her life and her son and Rhea can be happy together! She hugs Rhea and tells that she’s happy for her. Prachi recalls Ranbir’s promise.

Ranbir gets a call from Supriya saying her family is leaving and he runs behind their car. They stop and he asks them what happened? They tell him that they were insulted by his family. He tells that he really wants to buy the apartment for Prachi as it’s a surprise for her and he really loves her. Sudha recalls their anniversary spent in her apartment and agrees to give it. Ranbir signs the cheque and gives it to her.

Rhea drags Prachi to her room and tells that soon, Ranbir and her will be sleeping here and she won’t even be able to do anything! Prachi gets hurt and Rhea tells her that she knew Ranbir wouldn’t leave her.

Stanley and Ranbir search for the divorce papers. Ranbir tells that he had kept it on this table itself. Stanley asks him to recall properly as he’s sure that he kept other papers here.

Pallavi comes and asks what happened? Ranbir tells that he’s searching for some important papers that were kept in an envelope. She tells that she gave it to Rhea. Ranbir leaves and Pallavi stops Stanley and asks him why does she think he looks familiar? He tells he doesn’t know and escapes.

Prachi tells Rhea that she’s pregnant with Ranbir’s child and it would be very unfair if she still went ahead getting adamant to keep Ranbir for herself. She tells that no one would like it if she went ahead and snatched Ranbir from her. Rhea tells her that she doesn’t care about anyone else as she’s prioritising herself this time! She tells that she will get Ranbir no matter what and even her being pregnant won’t change that fact! Prachi pleads her to understand her plight as a Sister. Rhea tells that she doesn’t care!

Prachi comes out of her imagination and Rhea asks her to get out of the room as Ranbir will soon propose to her!

Prachi leaves and sees Ranbir. He takes her inside the room and closes the door.

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