Prachi cries recalling Rhea’s words and he asks her what happened? She asks him if he bought an apartment for her? Ranbir thinks she’s jealous and tells he bought it for Rhea.

Rhea overhears them and gets happy. She goes and expresses her happiness to Aaliya.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Ranbir wants his new memories with her, and he’s giving me the liberty to wipe out his memories with Prachi.

Stanely removes his Waiter’s costume.

Aaliya asks if she is sure that this envelope is divorce papers? Rhea says this is divorce papers or a gift for me and I didn’t open it because of Pallavi. Rhea tries to open it saying it might be a gift.

Pallavi comes there. Rhea drops the envelope. Aaliya managed Pallavi.

Stanley notices the divorce envelope. He takes it once they went out of the room.

Prachi comes to Dadi’s room saying she is leaving the house. Shahana says Dadi is sleeping due to a hard drink. She asks if she is planning to leave as he didn’t wish her? Prachi says he bought an apartment for Rhea and he’s going to propose to Rhea. Shahana says it seems like Ranbir is planning to oust Rhea. Prachi says that house is important to me and in this way, he wants to ruin our memories too. She hugs Shahana in tears and tells She will leave the house as she can’t face this nonsense. Prachi goes to pack her bags.

Vikram asks what he wants to tell him? Ranbir recalls everything and tells him about Prachi’s pregnancy and his plan to divorce Rhea. He didn’t receive any response then he turns and notices Vikram has passed out.

Aaliya returns to the room while searching for her phone. Stanley hides from them. Aaliya sees the shadow and calls out Stanley. She asks who’s he?

Pallavi and Aaliya try to call the Police but Ranbir saves Stanley on time. Ranbir asks why he entered that room? Stanley gives him the envelope and all what occurred. Ranbir tells him he is going to beg Rhea for divorce by sitting on his knees as it’s not good to take a signature in her inebriated state.

Pallavi and Aaliya mingle with the Guests.

Shahana asks Prachi if she is sure? Prachi says I’m sure and I don’t want to see his face anymore. She stops seeing Ranbir. She tells Shahana that he is searching for Rhea.

Ranbir searches for Rhea to make her agree to divorce. He goes to Rhea and tells her that he wants to talk with her and takes her aide holding her hand.

Prachi and Shahana follow them. Rhea asks Ranbir to tell what he wants to say? Prachi feels irritated. Ranbir bends down on his knees in front of Rhea. Rhea feels happy thinking he is going to propose to her. She asks him to tell her as I know you won’t lie. Prachi gets more irritated. Shahana controls her.

Ranbir confuses Rhea with his words. Prachi says he is going to propose to her.

Rhea says we know what you’re going to do. She asks him to make her wear the ring and tells him that her answer is YES. Prachi looks at them in shock. Rhea says I know that the ring in your pocket is for me and you bought an apartment for me. Ranbir asks who told her? Prachi leaves from there telling she can’t see it! Ranbir goes behind her. Rhea feels irritated.

Prachi throws her sarees on the bed. Ranbir asks why she is taking out her clothes? He asks her to enjoy the party. Prachi tells him she is leaving the house! Rhea sees them and thinks Ranbir might have informed Prachi about everything.

Prachi tells Ranbir that she’s leaving the house, as there’s nothing left here! Sahana takes Rhea away from there.

Stanley overhears Ranbir and Prachi’s conversation.

Ranbir takes the clothes out of her bag and tells her that she will not leave! Prachi tells him to give a reason for her to stay.

Sahana tells Rhea that she hurts others to have a good life. Prachi tells Ranbir that he wants to end all the memories associated with their rented flat. Ranbir says he will fix everything and asks for some time. She leaves.

Stanley asks him what is he doing? Ranbir gets a pill and tells Stanley that it’s time for their plan. Ranbir searches for Rhea.

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