Dadi hugs Prachi saying she’s suffering so much in this house.

Ranbir goes to Rhea and gives the juice. She tells him that she will have it later as she had it only now. He signals at Stanley, he then takes the glass Rhea has kept on the table. He changes into a Waiter’s costume. Sahana notices him.

Ranbir holds Rhea’s hand and asks her to have some juice. Prachi sees this and gets upset. Ranbir calls Stanley who is disguised as a Waiter. Rhea tells him she won’t drink it unless Ranbir gives it with his hand. He gives the glass in her hand. Prachi looks at them and gets upset.

Prachi gets upset seeing Ranbir and Rhea together. Ranbir asks Rhea to drink the juice and she asks him to make her drink it. Prachi tells Sahana that she feels like everything seems good but not true. Sahana tells her maybe Ranbir wants to do something with Rhea but for Prachi’s good.

Rhea tells Ranbir something is happening to her and that she knows he’s going to take advantage of her. He tells her to go to the room.

Prachi tells Sahana that she feels betrayed. Prachi sees Ranbir taking Rhea to the room.

Ranbir asks Rhea to sign the papers. Rhea opens the window and sees Prachi. She drops the papers and he tells her it’s her property papers. Ranbir goes to take the paper but Sahana and Prachi hide. Ranbir asks her to sign it. Rhea tells him she will sign if she kisses him. Prachi gets angry and leaves.

Rhea signs on the papers. Prachi takes her bag and leaves. Stanley sees her and calls Ranbir.

Ranbir thinks all his problems are solved and Prachi will stay in his life forever! Ranbir tells Vikram and Pallavi he’s searching for Prachi. Pallavi wonders why he’s looking for Prachi if he’s going to propose to Rhea?

Stanley follows Sahana and Prachi going into a house.

Ranbir gets worried when he can’t find Prachi. Ranbir learns that Prachi has gone to Sarita’s house.

Aaliya smiles seeing all of Prachi’s things missing from her room.

Prachi tells Sahana she wanted love filled with trust and respect but his love never gave her that.

Stanley knocks on their door and Ranbir comes inside. He requests her to give him some time and she will get all the answers.

Rhea asks where Ranbir is? He comes with Stanley and Prachi. Rhea thinks they won’t be together in some time. Ranbir gets everyone’s attention and says life doesn’t give you chances but love gives you the chance to fix your mistakes.

The Clock strikes 12 and Rhea falls unconscious. They rush to the hospital. Ranbir thinks she fainted because of the drink.

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