Rhea starts vomiting and thinks she loves the child and even Ranbir will love and take care of her. She tells Prachi anyone can become a wife but only some can become a mother! Prachi says she’s pregnant with Ranbir’s child. Rhea tells her she’s lying!

Everyone comes there. Aaliya says Prachi can’t be pregnant. Prachi says she’s pregnant with Ranbir’s baby. Pallavi tells her to not call the baby Ranbir’s! She says only Rhea’s baby will be the heir! Rhea tells Pallavi to throw her out!

Sahana says only a mother knows about the baby’s father. Pallavi says she will never give the family name to the baby! Prachi gets shocked.

Pallavi tells Prachi that even if she shows medical report stating that the baby is Ranbir’s, her baby can never be the heir. She asks her to leave! It ends up being Prachi’s dream.

Aaliya asks Ranbir to sit down next to Rhea so that the prayer can start. Dadi tells Prachi to say what she wants to say before it’s too late. Prachi says she got emotional but it’s okay and then she asks Sahana if Dadi knows about her pregnancy?

The prayer starts. Rhea sits on the weighing machine.

Rhea and Ranbir are asked to dance. Prachi gets emotional and sad looking at them and then she  leaves. Ranbir tries to go behind her, but Sahana tells him to leave her alone.

Pallavi takes Rhea to the room so she can rest. Pallavi blesses her saying she deserves this. Aaliya tells her that everyone is happy but a big problem is going to come in her life. Rhea gets tensed.

Prachi sits on the weighing machine and thinks that it would’ve been beautiful if she also got the opportunity to be a part of this ritual and get blessings for her baby.

Pallavi and Aaliya come there and ask her to move! Pallavi says you could never give love to Ranbir and you could not give him a baby too! Prachi leaves crying.

Sahana asks them to have some shame and not talk like this. Pallavi says they would have never accepted Prachi’s baby and there’s no chance she can be pregnant now!

Prachi runs to the road thinking of everything but a car hits her and she falls down. A lady gets out of the car.

Sahana asks Ranbir why he can’t see Prachi’s worries? She asks him how’s Rhea pregnant if he married her forcibly? She tells him that Pallavi and Aaliya called Prachi a barren woman and Prachi couldn’t bear that, so she left.

Prachi gains consciousness and realised that she’s inside the car with the lady. She gets down and starts walking.

Aaliya hugs Rhea telling her that she’s pregnant with Ranbir’s baby and tells she did her work wonderfully. Aaliya opens the door on hearing something. She finds Sahana’s earring.

Sahana cries in the room for Prachi. Aaliya sees her and thinks if she heard them, she would have been angry and not crying. She sees both her earrings are there. She wonders who heard her?

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