Prachi tells Sahana Rhea will be fine. Ranbir tells Stanley not to tell anyone about what he planned with Rhea. He says we planned so much but it’s fine as good things take time.

Prachi thinks Ranbir was probably about to say that he knew about the pregnancy but then cries saying it will be just her imagination. Ranbir goes to Prachi and as he’s about to say something to her, Aaliya comes and says Pallavi wants to talk to him and it’s urgent.

Pallavi scolds Ranbir for walking around with Prachi, while Rhea is in the hospital.

The Doctor comes out and says it’s good news as Rhea is pregnant. Everyone gets shocked. Ranbir thinks how is this possible and thinks of her signature on the divorce papers.

Prachi is walking on the road in a devastating condition. She apologises to her child for not being able to do right by him as his father is not worthy.

Meanwhile, Ranbir comes to Rhea’s room to ask her about the possibility of her pregnancy. However, Rhea pretends to know nothing about the pregnancy.

Just then, Pallavi comes in along with Vikram, Dadi and Aaliya to congratulate Rhea. Rhea looks happy at the news while Pallavi begins to plan a celebration to announce Rhea’s pregnancy.

Rhea asks Ranbir about Prachi which reminds him that Prachi has also heard the news of Rhea’s pregnancy and goes to find her.

Meanwhile, Shahana finds Prachi on the road, unaware of her surroundings. Shahana takes Prachi away while Ranbir searches for Prachi everywhere.

He is remembering his moments with Prachi and understands her state of mind very well.

On the other hand, Shahana settles Prachi on the bench and goes to get medicine for her.

In the meantime, Ranbir comes home looking for Prachi but gets worried to hear that Prachi hasn’t returned home.

Just then other family members arrive with Rhea and enquire about his whereabouts.

Rhea happily tells Ranbir about being pampered by everyone. Aaliya tells her that they all will pamper her until she delivers the baby. However, Ranbir looks worried and asks Vikram about Prachi.

At the same time, Prachi is standing at the door contemplating going inside the house.

Shahana encourages her and tells her that this house is hers and she will have to keep herself calm and stay firm at her place.

Meanwhile, Aaliya scolds Ranbir for talking about Prachi while Dadi tells her that he does not look happy.

Pallavi warns everyone that from now on, she will not tolerate any misbehaviour against Rhea! Pallavi also tells Rhea to rest so that she can look fresh for the function which surprises Ranbir.

Prachi also overhears about the celebration to honour Rhea’s pregnancy and feels cheated.

Afterwards, Pallavi asks Ranbir to take Rhea to her room.

Ranbir finds Prachi standing at the doorway as he escorts Rhea to her room.

Later, Ranbir goes to talk to Prachi while Prachi is mourning the loss of her dreams and the injustice done to her child and cries in front of Shahana at Ranbir’s betrayal!

Prachi tells Sahana that she’s a fool for always believing Ranbir! Prachi says everyone is loving Rhea’s baby but who will love her baby?

Ranbir knocks on the door and Prachi asks him to leave her alone! Prachi cries and Ranbir gets teary-eyed too.

The female Priest comes. Rhea takes the blessings of Kamleshwari Mata (the goddess).

Prachi also takes the blessings for her baby. Aaliya tells her that Rhea is the one pregnant and not Prachi. The Priestess asks if Prachi is pregnant?

Pallavi tells that Prachi was Ranbir’s first wife but could never give them a baby. Pallavi tells Prachi to go call Rhea.

Prachi goes to Rhea’s room. She says she’s happy the prayer is happening for her baby. She says she’s pregnant because it’s destiny. Rhea talks about Sid. Prachi gets shocked.

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