Ranbir comes there and asks for some time. Prachi says nothing can be done now. She tells him she will take back her rights from him and his family. She tells him that she won’t leave the house until she gets what she wants. Rhea overhears them.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she shouldn’t have listened to her and that now, she has been made a loser in front of Prachi!

Pallavi comes there and takes Rhea away so that she can rest.

Sahana tells Prachi to calm down.Prachi tells her that she’s taking Ranbir’s side and if she can, she should try to prove his innocence. Prachi cries saying she misses her mother.

Ranbir thinks he will tell Prachi that he knows she is pregnant. He thinks Prachi needs his love and support at this time. He goes and sees Prachi making a sandwich. She cuts herself. He helps her and tells her to trust he will make the sandwich. She gets emotional and leaves. She thinks to herself that she keeps giving him chances but he uses her. She cries sitting on the floor.

Pallavi makes Rhea rest on the bed. She tells her that they should think of baby names and that she will clean all of Ranbir’s toys. Rhea thinks she is irritating and she pretends to sleep. Pallavi leaves.

Prachi sees Rhea talking to Aaliya. Aaliya says they should go to the storage room and talk. Ranbir tries to overhear. Rhea tells her that she pleaded in front of Prachi but it still doesn’t look like she will leave the house. Aaliya tells her that Prachi might be shocked to see you pleading and that her words will have an effect on her. She tells her Prachi will leave in the morning. Ranbir wonders what are they talking about?

Prachi recalls Rhea’s words and thinks that maybe she changed for the sake of her baby. She talks to her baby and tells that they will continue to be together and for each other as they’ll go away from this place and start a life together. She cries and packs and tells that she won’t stop Ranbir from meeting the baby but will tell her baby not to trust him blindly.

Rhea opens the door and comes out and sees Ranbir sitting on the floor. He tells her that he wanted to talk to her but then he saw her talking to Aaliya and then goes to the storeroom. Rhea asks if he was eavesdropping on them? He asks why would he do that and informs her that he just sat down because he was feeling dizzy. She asks him why’s he dizzy when she’s the one pregnant? He leaves thinking he knows Rhea is up to something and won’t let her harm Prachi! Rhea thinks that Ranbir won’t catch her and she will complete her plan!

Prachi packs her bag and thinks that she’ll leave all the memories behind and comes to Ranbir’s room and sees Rhea and Ranbir sleeping. She wishes that Rhea’s baby gets all the happiness and leaves thinking she can’t stay here, as Ranbir isn’t in her fate.

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