Ranbir goes to a temple in search of Prachi.

Prachi goes to their rented house and thinks of all the memories they had.

Aaliya tells Rhea it’s not Sahana. Aaliya tells her that she made Ranbir believe she’s pregnant even when she’s not. Rhea says she will plan and plot but she won’t lie about her baby.

A flashback is shown. Aaliya asks Rhea to get pregnant but Rhea says Ranbir never touches her. Aaliya tells her to act pregnant. Rhea says she will spike his drink. Flashback ends.

Aaliya tells her she trapped him. Rhea tells her she’s really pregnant.

Aaliya tells Rhea that she trapped Ranbir.

The flashback is shown. Prachi and Ranbir argue. Rhea overhears them. Prachi pushes Ranbir out of the room. He gets hurt and starts drinking. Rhea goes to him and hugs him. He pushes her away and blames Rhea for Prachi leaving him. He mistakes Rhea for Prachi. They get intimate. Flashback ends.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she wants Ranbir’s name at the end of hers and after that even if he sleeps with other women, she doesn’t care as she just wants to beat Prachi! She says she will use this baby against Ranbir and gain back everything Prachi made her lose!

Ranbir goes to the rented house and hears Prachi crying. He sits beside her.

Pallavi introduces Rhea to Neelam but she says she saw Prachi and Ranbir’s picture, so she thought Prachi is Ranbir’s wife. Rhea gets upset and leaves. Pallavi tells her that she won’t let Prachi stay and make her leave!

Ranbir thinks of their memories and gains clarity that Prachi is his first wife and the mother of his child. He will stay with her and the baby. Ranbir says he will handle everything. She tells him that he killed her dreams. He tries to make her listen but she walks away.

Mrs Agarwal asks where Prachi is as she feels Prachi is still the daughter-in-law? Rhea hears this. Pallavi says Ranbir has moved on from Prachi and they’ll throw Prachi out in a few days. She says Rhea is pregnant and shouldn’t be stressed.

Vikram says it’s not a reason to throw Prachi out. She tells Dadi should throw her out.

Aaliya tells Sahana that she prays Prachi won’t be found by anyone! She sees Prachi coming home.

Prachi goes into the bathroom and cries. Sahana cries seeing her pain.

Rhea tells Aaliya that something exciting is going to happen. Aaliya says Prachi has the blood of Pragya, and Pragya used to become tough in such situations. Aaliya asks her to emotionally manipulate Prachi. She tells her to plead in front of her then maybe she will leave.

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