Dadi goes to Prachi’s room and sees some papers on the ground. She picks them up and sees that they are hospital papers. She learns that Prachi is pregnant.

Sahana blames Ranbir for Prachi’s condition. He tells her he will make everything right. She tells him not to promise anything and congratulates him on being Rhea’s baby’s father! He cries.

Dadi knocks on the bathroom door. She wipes Prachi with a towel and hugs her. She tells her to smile and be happy for her child. Dadi asks her why she didn’t tell her about her grandchild? Prachi tells she was about to say it but she saw Ranbir hug Rhea at the hospital and then later heard about Rhea’s pregnancy. Prachi makes Dadi promise that she won’t tell anyone. Dadi tells her to be happy.

Rhea says Ranbir is hers no matter what! She says he has to love her as she is not just his wife but also the mother of his child! Pallavi asks Dadi if she talked to Prachi? She says she will talk to her after Pallavi’s birthday. Then, Dadi tells Prachi to look after the arrangements for Pallavi’s birthday party.

Pallavi tells Rhea about her birthday preparations and they hug.

Sahana says the bags are getting packed as places with frauds should be left.

Rhea recalls Aaliya asking her to emotionally manipulate Prachi. She goes to her and tells her that she knows she has troubled her a lot even during college days and that she even accepts Ranbir loves only her. She sits on the bed and says they should end this fight finally. She takes Prachi’s hand and keeps it on her stomach and asks her to forgive her for Ranbir’s baby. She asks her to give her a good future, she folds her hands and asks her to leave her and Ranbir’s lives forever. Prachi gets shocked.

Rhea tells Prachi to give Ranbir to her for her baby and to not punish her baby for her mistakes. She pleads and then she runs away with fake tears. Prachi thinks of what she said and gets emotional.

Rhea comes into the room. Ranbir pretends to sleep. Rhea gets Aaliya’s call and she tells her that she spoke to Prachi and she was wrong as Prachi is nothing like her mother. She goes out of the room. Ranbir wonders what she said to Prachi.

Prachi gets emotional and tells Sahana that she should have told everyone about her pregnancy, then she would have been in Rhea’s place. She tells she used the baby to take revenge on Ranbir. Sahana tells her not to make the baby sad.

Ranbir follows Rhea to find out what’s happening.

Pallavi forces Rhea to go to Dadi’s room for a ritual.

Ranbir goes to Vikram and hugs him. He cries. He tells him that he fought with Prachi and drank wine and when Rhea came to him, he saw Prachi in her and got intimate with her. Vikram tells him that people do things they regret and they pay the price for it.

Pallavi goes to Dadi and tells her to take evil eye off Rhea the way she used to do when Pallavi was pregnant. Ranbir sees this.

Prachi tells Sahana that Rhea was talking about her baby, love and becoming a mother. Sahana says whatever she said was for her own benefit.

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