Prachi goes to the hall and reminisces about the time spent here and opens the door to leave. Dadi stops her and asks her to stay back for a few more days as she doesn’t have anyone else in the house to whom she looks forward to. Prachi agrees and asks her to promise to not stop her next time. Dadi agrees.

Ranbir goes out of the room thinking he’ll go sleep in the study room as he sees Rhea sleeping beside him. Pallavi insists he goes back to his room.

Pallavi asks Ranbir to go back to the room as Rhea might need something and he goes.

Prachi agrees to stay after Dadi’s persuasion and tells that she’s only staying back for her. They both hug end Dadi tells that she wants to celebrate Prachi’s pregnancy.

Sahana comes and gets shocked knowing that Dadi knows the truth. Dadi tells she knew it and tells she wants to celebrate it so she will make laddoos (sweet) for her. Sahana tells that it feels good to know you have elders’ blessings and Prachi agrees. Prachi tells that she had called the event management team to come to decorate the house.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she’s getting annoyed with Pallavi’s love as she’s showering a lot of it! Aaliya asks her if that’s not what she wanted? Aaliya asks her to trust her as Prachi will leave the house.

Stanley comes home and gives Ranbir the files and asks about Prachi and Rhea? Ranbir tells that he wants to go away with Prachi. Stanley asks him what’s stopping him and Ranbir replies that he needs to get kicked out of the house so he can peacefully lead a life with her.

Vikram comes and tells Pallavi and Ranbir that his village project was approved and he’s very happy as it’s his dream. Ranbir tells Stanley that he’ll ruin Vikram’s project even though that’s the worst thing to do but then he can make him understand why he did it.

Pallavi tells Dadi that Rhea will plan a surprise for her birthday and gets excited.

Pallavi comes and sees Prachi talking to the decorators about the party. Dadi laughs and asks her to open her eyes and see the truth.

Rhea’s friend comes for the party. She’s with Rhea in the room applauding her for finally getting herself pregnant with Ranbir’s child. Rhea tells her she isn’t pregnant, that it was all a shame to get everyone in the family on her side, most especially, Ranbir’s attention, as everyone believed the news, of which she has bribed the Doctor at the hospital to relay her pregnancy news to the family. Her friend praises her the more and calls her scary, that Prachi really has every reason to be weary and scared of her.

Meanwhile, someone happens to be listening to them as the door isn’t closed. Rhea’s friend looks shocked to realise someone must have been spying on them. Rhea who turns to see why her friend’s eyes is focused towards the door says there’s no one there obviously, but Aaliya comes to her angry.

Aaliya scolds Rhea for hiding the truth from her of all people since she has always supported her in both her good and bad ways. Rhea then apologies to her that she did it to make everyone believe her.

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