Aaliya tells Rhea she’ll act like none of this happened since that’s the only way she could keep loving Rhea and that she should never hide such things like this from her again. Rhea accept and hugs her. Aaliya tells her she’ll take her friend from a coffee, after which they’ll be back in a happy mood. They both leave, while Rhea standing in front of the mirror praise herself for her plans and that she’ll really oust Prachi from the house!

Rhea sees Stanley and asks him what is he doing here? He tells her that Ranbir had called him. She tells him that he’s the bad guy and asks him why’s he lurking around in her house??

Ranbir comes there and says that Stanley is his PA and if she insults him, then it will be his insult as well. Stanley tells Ranbir to keep Prachi away from Rhea as she’s a lot of work.

Prachi goes to Ranbir and asks him not to stare at her. He tells her that he’s just admiring her.

Pallavi tells Vikram that Prachi is not as bad as she thought and she knows that she has to leave the house after her birthday, but she is still making the party special. Pallavi tells him that if he asks her who is good between Rhea and Prachi, then she will still choose Rhea as she will always favour her more than Prachi because she’s the real daughter-in-law. Vikram gets upset and thinks that she’ll soon understand Prachi and her kindness!

Rhea overhears their conversation and gets shocked. She goes and tells Aaliya to go guide Prachi instead of her. She tells her she will handle Prachi without her help. Aaliya wonders how can she be wrong?

Rhea thinks that she will do something that Dadi will ask Prachi to leave!

Aaliya thinks she won’t let herself and Rhea fail! Aaliya thinks that she will make a plan so that Dadi will tell Prachi to leave the house! Aaliya calls someone and tells them to come tomorrow as there will be a birthday party.

Rhea and Aaliya look at Ranbir staring at Prachi. Prachi tries to talk to Rhea, but she walks away. She tries to go behind her but Aaliya stops her. Pallavi goes behind Rhea.

Rhea asks Pallavi to leave her alone. Rhea tells her that she knows Pallavi has started liking Prachi and tells that no one cares about her baby. She tells her that she feels scared for her baby when Prachi is still in the house. Pallavi tells her not to worry as she has told Dadi to send Prachi away. Rhea tells her that she’s not feeling good.

Pallavi tells her that she will settle everything and goes to tell Ranbir about Rhea. Pallavi asks Ranbir to call the Doctor.

Prachi says she will prepare homemade medicine. Ranbir asks Pallavi to give Prachi a chance.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she will make Ranbir pay attention to her. Prachi gives Rhea something to drink. Ranbir watches everything.

Prachi thinks no one is looking after her baby. Ranbir thinks it may be good if Prachi reveals her pregnancy to everyone so things won’t be as complicated as it is now.

Ranbir tells Dadi he snatched Prachi’s happiness. He tells her Prachi is good and even took care of Rhea.

Prachi comes there and sees Ranbir crying. He asks her why she hates him and how she’s okay with Rhea and not him?

Rhea tells Pallavi that she does not want Prachi to take care of her. Pallavi says she is just overthinking it. Aaliya and Pallavi leave but Aaliya comes back and tells Rhea not to be irritated with Pallavi.

Ranbir asks Prachi how she can talk nicely to Rhea but not him? She tells him blood and marriage relationship are different. Prachi hurts her leg and Ranbir carries her to her room.

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