Ranbir sees that the wall is about to fall on Rhea and jumps in front of her. Everyone sees Prachi behind the wall.

Aaliya tells Prachi wanted to kill the baby and Ranbir tells that she would never do that. Aaliya asks the staff to go and get the CCTV footage. Sahana tells her that she saw Aaliya also behind the wall.

In the footage, everyone sees Prachi fixing the painting. Rhea tells her that she was jealous of her and Ranbir’s relationship and wanted to kill their relationship and their baby!

The NGO workers comes there and they say they regret helping Prachi. Vikram tells her that he always supported her but the video is showing something else. Pallavi asks her to leave!

Pallavi asks Prachi to get out of the house as she tried to hurt Rhea and her baby. She tells that whoever supports Prachi can also get out!

Prachi goes to her room and recalls Rhea and Aaliya’s allegations and thinks that no one will believe her as even the NGO women regretted helping her and are believing that she wants to hurt Rhea’s baby. Prachi tells her baby that she has no intentions of hurting Rhea and her baby and tells that they don’t deserve to get kicked out like this.

Aaliya tells the rest of the family that Prachi is too arrogant that’s why she walked away from them. She tells that Prachi didn’t even think that she’s shutting Ranbir’s baby as well even though she claims to love him.

Ranbir asks her to stop talking as Prachi could never hurt anyone and tells that he won’t believe it. Rhea asks him to stop supporting Prachi and become a good father.

Sahana pleads Pallavi to let Prachi stay here. Aaliya tells even she should leave the house! Sahana asks Vikram if he won’t stop Pallavi? He tells that the CCTV footage makes it look like Prachi is at fault.

Prachi comes out with her bag and gives a gift to Rhea and tells it’s for the baby. Rhea throws it and asks her to stop her fake love and drama! Prachi faints and a Doctor checks her up and then informs everyone that Prachi is pregnant for 2 months and everyone gets shocked.

Vikram gets happy. Ranbir tells he knew that Prachi was pregnant and didn’t talk about it. Pallavi gets angry.

Ranbir tells Pallavi that Prachi didn’t want anyone to know about her pregnancy, there was a valid reason for it, today he can express his joy freely, he is really happy.

Rhea tells him that Prachi is pregnant with someone’s child, the baby isn’t of him. He asks her to shut up, it’s his baby, and only Prachi can fulfil his third dream of fatherhood, he knew about her pregnancy since a long time, he had bought the rented apartment to make a new start, to start the parenting of their first baby. He reveals that he had planned a party to surprise Prachi and reveal about the flat gift, but Rhea’s pregnancy news came out, and everything got spoiled for him. He admits the truth. He tells that Prachi is carrying his dream child. Rhea gets disturbed when Ranbir clears her misunderstandings. She recalls the truth of Prachi’s pregnancy.

Rhea tells that everything is over for her, Prachi is pregnant. She thinks what will she do now? She tells Aaliya that her fate is really bad. She asks Aaliya not to give her an assurance, nothing will get fine, Prachi’s baby will come in their lives and snatch everything! Aaliya tells that it was unexpected.

Rhea asks her why is she talking madly? Aaliya calls her mad that she is misbehaving so much. Rhea tells that she is sorry, why didn’t Aaliya think of Prachi’s pregnancy when Ranbir loves Prachi so much? She tells that she didn’t think of all this.

Rhea asks Aaliya why does she always ask her to stay calm. She yells at Aaliya and holds her responsible. Aaliya tells that it’s not her mistake. Rhea asks her if it’s Ranbir’s mistake? Aaliya tells that it’s Ranbir’s mistake, Rhea should confront him.

Rhea tells that Ranbir loved Prachi and married her, so his fatherhood’s dream had to complete. She feels that their plans have failed. Aaliya calls Rhea’s fate bad. Rhea asks her not to talk of fate, because they are winners. She tells that they didn’t use their mind well. Aaliya asks Rhea if she didn’t do any mistake, she couldn’t attract Ranbir and win his love. She calls Rhea a failure!

Rhea tells that Aaliya was experimenting, that’s why Prachi won. She feels terrible that she begged Prachi because of Aaliya’s idea. Aaliya calls Rhea wrong. She asks how couldn’t Rhea know about Prachi’s pregnancy. She tells that Prachi’s real pregnancy will be winning over Rhea’s fake pregnancy, Rhea deserves this, Prachi will become the Kohli daughter-in-law and Rhea will be out.

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