Vikram asks Ranbir did he go mad or is he drunk? Ranbir tells that he isn’t drunk, he was stressed, he was drunk and working on the project, so he made those mistakes.

Pallavi asks Ranbir did he lose his mind, how can he say so. Ranbir asks her to explain to Vikram, he is overreacting. Vikram and Pallavi ask Ranbir to get out!

Ranbir happily goes out, thinking they will throw him out of the house now. Prachi gets the gift for Rhea. She tells Shahana that she wanted to gift Rhea, she is the Aunt of Rhea’s baby.

Ranbir wants Prachi to wait for a while then they will be together. Stanley asks Ranbir about his love. Ranbir tells that love isn’t easy, it just happens. He recalls Vikram’s slap. He tells Stanley that he had got slapped by Vikram.

Vikram tells Pallavi that everything got ruined in a moment, his dream project got destroyed before the start. He apologizes to her. She apologizes to him. She knows it was his dream project and he had worked really hard. She feels bad for him. He asks her not to spoil her mood, they should go out and enjoy the party. She cries and tells that she can’t act in front of the guests. He asks her to forget everything, it’s her special day, he feels shattered, but they can’t disappoint those who came to celebrate her birthday. He asks her to ignore whatever happened. He misses Sid, who would have helped him in such a crisis. His words shock Pallavi.

Aaliya tells Rhea that Prachi is coming. Rhea asks Prachi to just go away and not disturb them. Prachi tells Rhea that she is leaving the house in the morning. She gives a gift to Rhea for her baby. Rhea tells hat she will check the gift when she doesn’t see Prachi in the house. Aaliya asks if she’s playing a trick again? Rhea tells that she doesn’t even want to talk to Prachi. She leaves the gift there and goes away.

Prachi knows Rhea is upset with her. She doesn’t feel bad. She tells that she will very soon go away from the Kohli mansion.

Stanley and Shahana collide and argue again. He asks her to become his friend. She tells that she knows it well, a guy and a girl can never be friends. They get into a funny banter. Dadi watches their cute fight. She worries when Stanley tells that he has no interest in Shahana.

Shahana asks Stanley in whom is he interested? Stanley signals towards Ranbir. He shows the lady behind Ranbir. Shahana tells that the lady is married.

Dadi takes Ranbir and Prachi to Stanley. She tells Stanley that Ranbir loves Prachi a lot. She complains to Ranbir about Stanley. Stanley tells that Dad is misunderstanding. Dadi scolds Stanley.

Ranbir waits for Vikram’s reaction. He is worried for Vikram and Pallavi. Prachi wonders why is Ranbir so worried?

Ranbir tells Prachi that he hurt Vikram on  Pallavi’s birthday. He holds her hand and hugs her.

Vikram and Pallavi come back to the party. Vikram announces that Mr. Kapoor has said Ranbir is a good dancer so I’ve decided that he will pursue dancing and not be part of the company.

Prachi asks Ranbir what’s going on? He tells her that Vikram will understand this is for the good and asks her to support him.

Rhea comes there and takes Ranbir to Vikram. Vikram tells everyone that Ranbir has come.

Stanley tells Dadi that Ranbir got Vikram’s project shelved. Vikram tells them that he and Pallavi may have failed as Parents, but he will not be a bad husband.

Vikram dances with Pallavi. Prachi and Ranbir dance. Rhea gets upset and drinks wine. Aaliya tells her to be careful, and what if someone sees her and assures her that Prachi will be humiliated with her plan.

Prachi goes to Ranbir. He tells her that he likes that she’s worried for him. She smiles. He tells her he will tell her one truth and she should tell him one.

Dadi tells Vikram that she knows he’s pretending to be happy. He tells her that he’s silent because of Pallavi’s birthday party. He tells her it was his mistake to give the project to Ranbir. He tells he can’t handle his personal life and how can he expect him to handle his professional life as well?

Prachi tells Ranbir that she knows that he made the loss intentionally. He tells her that he will not leave her and will not let her too. She tells him that they are in different paths of their lives and destiny won’t let them meet. He gets emotional.

Pallavi asks Vikram to forgive Ranbir. Prachi shouts at Ranbir asking him what he wants?? Everyone looks at them. Prachi tells him that he’s going to be Rhea’s baby’s father.

Rhea tells Aaliya that its time to execute their plan.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he’s hurting his father to be with her. Prachi tells him to stop as she can’t make a family by breaking Rhea’s family.

Rhea tells Aaliya to send Prachi behind the wall!

Prachi goes to get a painting fixed. Rhea calls Pallavi to cut the cake.

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