Ranbir takes her to her room and tells her in that condition, she shouldn’t wear heels and that she should wear flats. Prachi asks him to leave! He tells her that he’s her husband and that she has applied vermilion and wore wedding necklace. Ranbir tells her that he will never divorce her.

Rhea comes there and says she has a baby which is a sign of Ranbir and her love. Prachi blames Ranbir. Prachi tries to stop Rhea as she’s leaving the house. Rhea tells her that someone has to leave as they both can’t stay in the same house!

Rhea tells Prachi that even though she pleaded in front of her she didn’t leave. Prachi tells her not to talk about this now as Vikram is planning to surprise Pallavi.

Vikram blindfolds Pallavi and keeps a diamond necklace in front of her. She opens her eyes and gets surprised. Dadi tells her that Prachi organized everything.

The next morning, Rhea tells Aaliya that Prachi is still living in this house like she has a right so she will make it seem as if Prachi did the decoration to kill her baby! Aaliya tells her it will be risky.

Dadi tells Sahana that Rhea and Aaliya are planning something against Prachi.

Ranbir comes to the party and admires Prachi. Rhea sees him looking at her. Aaliya sees that he’s looking at Prachi and thinks she must do something soon.

Stanley plays a song and Ranbir dances with Prachi. Everyone claps for them. He tells them that Prachi is his life partner.

Pallavi gets angry and says he’s joking as he is going to be the father of Rhea’s child and Prachi was his first wife but not anymore.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she should loosen the screws of the fake wall of the decoration. She says she will fall and then blame Ranbir for trying to kill her baby after which he won’t be able to leave her in guilt!

Prachi remembers Ranbir’s words. She feels upset. Ranbir reaches her. He watches her from the door. Prachi sees the baby bedding and cheers herself. She tells that the baby will really like it. Ranbir smiles watching her. Prachi tells that she will gift the baby bedding to Rhea for her baby. She adds that Rhea looks good when she smiles happily, but she doesn’t get happy easily. She tells that she will make Rhea happy, both the babies should stay together with love. She wants the babies to have a good bonding. Ranbir gets happy seeing Prachi. Prachi turns to see Ranbir, but he hides. Ranbir runs out of the room. He tells that their baby will get their love for sure.

Pallavi tells that it’s her birthday, but everyone is congratulating Vikram. Vikram tells that Ranbir has worked hard for the project, so everyone is giving him the wishes.

Ranbir hears Vikram talking about the dream project. He goes to Stanley. He tells that it’s time to go to Vikram and lie to him about the good up, Vikram will think his business is sinking, the dream project will not get fulfilled, then Vikram will throw him out of the company and also the house. He tells that Vikram will know the truth after two months, then he will come back home with Prachi.
Stanley goes to tell Vikram that Ranbir is calling him to the room.

Pallavi thinks Ranbir is calling him. Ranbir rehearses to shock Vikram. He expects Vikram to oust him. He wants to shift to the old house with Prachi. He gets ready to get slapped by Vikram. He gets into a serious mood.

Pallavi and Vikram come. She asks Ranbir why did he call Vikram? Ranbir tells that he has called Vikram to give him a bad news. He lies about the dream project. He tells that he has made a big mistake, the project will not get completed now. Vikram is shocked to know this. Pallavi asks him is he joking? Vikram tells that he is really serious.

Ranbir tells that the project can never start, he should just forget his dream, his dream is totally shattered. Vikram asks him to shut up, and slaps him. He asks how can Ranbir say this so casually? He doesn’t want to see Ranbir’s face. He asks Ranbir to just go away. Ranbir apologizes to him. He tells that his sorry won’t help them either!

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