Pallavi comes and Rhea acts as if she’s cutting her wrist. Pallavi slaps her and asks her to never think of killing herself! Rhea tells Pallavi betrayed her.

Ranbir goes and helps Prachi put her clothes back into the Wardrobe. She tells him that he wants space. He agrees and assures her that he will always be there for her and won’t let anything interfere with their relationship. He tells he’s happy that she’s staying back and leaves teary-eyed.

Pallavi tells her that she was just acting in front of Prachi as she wants Prachi to stay until she delivers the baby as she can’t let her heir go live a middle-class life! She tells that she will claim the custody of the child when it’s born but until then, she will pretend to like Prachi even if it’s killing her to do so! Pallavi tells Rhea that she will bend down in front of Prachi till that baby is born and leaves.

Aaliya tells her that when Pallavi gets angry, she keeps it inside and makes a big plan.

Ranbir hugs Dadi and says that Prachi has kept all her stuff back. He hugs Pallavi and thanks her for stopping Prachi and accepting her. Pallavi tells him that she’s planning to keep a prayer for Prachi’s baby and then a party later. He tells them to wake up early to make all the arrangements.

Ranbir goes to Prachi’s room and keeps a glass of juice. Prachi wakes up and he tells her to drink the juice and leaves.

Prachi says it’s very sweet. Sahana tells her that he brought it so she should drink it.Prachi tells that she’s staying back in the house because of Pallavi and not him. Sahana tells her Aryan is also coming to the party.

Rhea sees Shaina (her friend) and hugs her. She hears Dadi talk to the Priest about the prayer for the mother and the baby and thinks it’s for Rhea. Ranbir tells her that it’s for Prachi and her baby. Shaina gets shocked. Rhea takes Shaina from there to explain everything.

Pallavi tells Prachi and Ranbir to take blessings together. Dadi goes into the kitchen and tells Pallavi that she’s happy that she has finally accepted Prachi. Pallavi tells her that Prachi will get what she deserves. Dadi wonders if she’s up to something?

Shaina asks Rhea if her fake pregnancy flopped? Rhea tells that Prachi stole her thunder. Aaliya comes there and asks Rhea to be normal and good and asks her not to do any drama.

The prayer begins and the Priest asks Ranbir and Prachi to pray while holding the flowers.

Pallavi tells Vikram that after a long time, everything is calm in the house and promises him that everything will be fine and she’s happy to see Ranbir and Prachi together. Vikram tells that he is happy to hear this from her.

The Priest asks them both to forward and hold each other’s hands. Prachi hesitates but Pallavi goes and takes Prachi’s hand and places it on his hand. Everyone gets happy.

Ranbir tells the Priest that he’s feeling happy as even Prachi is smiling. She asks him not to get too happy.

Sahana sees the AC leaking and thinks she needs to pour the water away and put the bucket back. She goes and pours the water and it falls on Aryan. He asks her if she did it purposely and she gets shocked seeing him. He introduces her to Mili.

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