The Doctor asks Prachi how didn’t her family know about her pregnancy? The Nurse tells that Prachi’s husband was dancing with joy so much, he was distributing sweets as well. Prachi is still lost. The Doctor suggests her some tests.

Pallavi tells Ranbir that she doesn’t believe his stories. He tells that it’s the true story of his life. She tells that it’s time that he opens his eyes and gets real, he is already becoming a father because of Rhea’s pregnancy, he shouldn’t be dancing on knowing about Prachi’s pregnancy. She feels disgusted with his behavior like Rhea’s baby doesn’t matter to him. She asks him to talk to Prachi about aborting the pregnancy. Ranbir asks what does she mean? Pallavi scolds him for insulting them. She doesn’t want Prachi’s baby. She asks him to abort Prachi’s baby. Ranbir asks her not to stoop so low.

Dadi asks Pallavi how can she ask her son to abort his wife’s baby.

Vikram tells that Pallavi didn’t mean that. Pallavi tells that she exactly meant the same, just Rhea’s pregnancy matters to her, Rhea will have the first right on the family!

Ranbir asks Stanley and Shahana to distribute the sweets to everyone. He tells that Prachi’s good news has really given him joy. Ranbir goes away.

Pallavi asks Vikram not to ignore her words, Prachi isn’t Ranbir’s wife now, her pregnancy will cause many problems for the family.

Aaliya leaves Rhea alone and goes to see Prachi.

Ranbir gives the sweets to the hospital staff. He shares his happiness. Rhea gets angered seeing him. She throws the sweets, but Ranbir stops her. She asks him not to anger her. She tells that she is really disappointed with him. She asks how can he be so happy? He tells that he is really happy, she shouldn’t have any problem with it. She asks him why did he hide about Prachi’s pregnancy, he should have told her. He tells that it was Prachi’s right to decide if she wants to share the news or not. She asks him what does he feel about her pregnancy? He tells that he is really proud of Prachi’s pregnancy, but he doubts Rhea’s pregnancy, maybe Rhea isn’t pregnant. Rhea tells that she didn’t lie to him.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that Rhea needs their support at this time. She asks Pallavi to make sure that Rhea doesn’t get stressed. Dadi asks Aaliya what did they do, did they trouble Rhea? Aaliya tells that Prachi has brainwashed Ranbir, he has taken a new house, he has decided to leave the family and go away with Prachi.

Ranbir hears this and asks Aaliya to stop blaming Prachi, who isn’t aware of his surprise plan. He asks her to stop making stories. He goes.

Vikram asks Aaliya to stop it! Aaliya tells that Prachi hates Rhea, she tried to kill Rhea’s baby, Ranbir can’t see what Prachi is trying to do, Prachi had hidden about her pregnancy, there would be some plan behind it.

Dadi asks Aaliya to limit her tongue. She wants Aaliya to talk to elders with respect!

Prachi thinks that she was about to tell Ranbir about the pregnancy but stopped seeing him with Rhea. She thinks now everyone knows about her pregnancy? She calls Sahana and whispers something and tells her not to tell anyone.

Ranbir goes to see Prachi in the hospital but doesn’t find her.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that she can’t even handle the family. Vikram tells her that Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage was wrong. Aaliya gets upset.

Ranbir comes there and asks him why he didn’t stop the marriage? Vikram tells him that he knows the reason why. Ranbir says Rhea threatened to commit suicide and made everyone suffer.

Ranbir searches for Prachi. Dadi tells Sahana even she knows where Prachi is but won’t tell them. Aaliya tells her they don’t want to know! Sahana tells Pallavi that she knows Prachi got pregnant before Rhea but still won’t accept her?

Ranbir calls Sahana and asks where Prachi is? She tells him if his feelings are genuine then he should try and stop Prachi from leaving as she’s at the house packing her things.

Ranbir runs back to the house and thinks that he can’t lose her. He doesn’t see her in the room and gets sad. Then, Prachi comes out of the bathroom. He bends on his knees and begs her not to go. She asks him why should she stay? She tells him that she can’t stay back for him. He tells her to stay back for their baby and she gets emotional.

Ranbir asks Prachi to not leave the house and tells her that he will die. She asks him not to talk about his death and tells that she has decided that she will go as she can’t stay back for him. He hugs her and tells her that he will make everything right. She tells him that he tells this all the time but hurts her even more by doing acts that are against his words. He pleads with her not to leave at least for the sake of their baby.

Prachi tells that she feels suffocated by his touch and presence but before, she used to feel safe. She tells him that she came back to the house to inform him that she’s pregnant but then saw him marrying her own Sister. She tells him that since then, she swore to take revenge on him.

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