Aaliya tells Rhea that she will talk to Pallavi so she can throw Prachi out of the house.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that Prachi should be thrown out of the house as she’s manipulating Ranbir also to leave the house and wants to harm Rhea and her baby!

Ranbir tells that if she is that uncomfortable, then he will only take the bag and drop her. He lifts the suitcase and it opens and everything falls out. He notices a photo frame of their photo together and asks her why has she kept it if she doesn’t like him? She tells him he’s right and keeps the photo frame on the bed. He cries and asks her to stay back. She cries and asks him to let her go as she can’t stay back anymore. She goes out of the room and sees Vikram and Dadi and gets emotional.

Aaliya insists Pallavi throws Prachi out. Pallavi walks into the house saying she will take care of Prachi! Aaliya and Rhea smile.

Ranbir thinks Prachi can’t leave him. Prachi thinks that it’s too late and she can’t stay back. She gets ready to go, but Pallavi comes and stops her. She tells her that she won’t leave the house and asks her to drop her bag. She tells Prachi that she is her daughter-in-law and she won’t let her leave. Everyone gets shocked. She takes Prachi inside the room and apologizes to her saying that she let Aaliya manipulate her all this while but she realizes her mistake.

Pallavi tells that she knows she made her cry and must’ve told so many hurtful things and asks her to forgive her. Prachi cries. Pallavi tells her that she let Aaliya and Rhea call her names and she was blind to see her kindness. She asks her to forgive her. Prachi asks her not to say this and Pallavi goes to get water. Prachi cries and Sahana comes and consoles her. Ranbir thinks that it’s good that she’s staying back.

Rhea goes to her room and gets furious. Aaliya comes and asks her to calm down.  Rhea tells that she can’t believe Pallavi stopped Prachi from leaving and tells that she can’t handle this so she’s going to go out and act as if she’s leaving the house to prove to Prachi that she’s better!

Pallavi comes and gives water to Prachi and asks her if they can have a new start where their relationship is going to be of mother and daughter? She apologizes and tells that she can’t change the past but she wants to make the future right. She caresses her and Prachi gets emotional and cries.

Pallavi tells Prachi that she felt bad that she couldn’t take care of her all this while and was not there to wipe her tears and tells that she will always stay with her daughter and their bond will grow so strong that Ranbir will get jealous. She hugs Prachi.

Sahana tells Dadi, Vikram, and Ranbir that Pallavi gave water to Prachi and told she will take care of everything. Vikram tells that he’s astonished.

Rhea walks towards the door and thinks someone will stop her for sure. Ranbir looks at her and tells she can leave as he doesn’t care! Dadi tells there’s no need to worry as Aaliya will take care of her. She goes and asks Rhea to walk carefully as she might drop the vase. Rhea walks back to her room angrily.

Sahana frowns and tells that she isn’t leaving the house! Aaliya asks Rhea why did she come back? Rhea tells that nobody stopped her as they don’t care about her.

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