Dadi’s friend comes and Dadi introduces her to everyone.

Rhea gets angry and goes to her room. Aaliya and Shaina go and ask her what happened? Rhea tells that Pallavi isn’t giving any attention to her. Aaliya assures her that she’s just pretending. Rhea tells her that she overheard Pallavi promising Vikram that she’ll unite Ranbir and Prachi and tells they can’t trust her!

Sahana asks Aryan to go from the other door and he asks her if she’s worried about what people will say about her? She leaves. Mili asks him why did he speak like that? He tells her that she’s irritating. He changes his clothes and Sahana comes and gets shocked and turns. He tells her that it’s fine if she wants to look at him.

Pallavi assures Rhea that she’s on her team.

Sahana comes and Dadi asks her why does she look like she saw a ghost? She tells her she saw Aryan and his new girlfriend Mili.

Aryan walks in and Ranbir becomes happy and hugs him. They both tell how much they missed each other. Aryan takes Dadi’s blessings and greets Prachi and then introduces Mili to everyone. Dadi tells Ranbir that Vikram went to call Pallavi.

Pallavi asks Rhea to stop crying and behaving like a child and asks her to grow up. Rhea starts crying and tells that she’s ignoring her.  Pallavi tells that she didn’t even call any important guest to this prayer as she doesn’t care about Prachi and tells that she only cares about the baby and the only way she can get Prachi to stay back in the house is to show affection to her. She asks her to understand and stop questioning her plan.

Vikram comes and asks what plan?

Ranbir tells Aryan about his life and tells that he’s happy he came. Aryan asks Ranbir about the guy who’s looking at Sahana. Ranbir asks him to concentrate on Sahana and leaves.  He helps Prachi to get up.

Pallavi tells Vikram that they were planning about the games. He asks her to come out fast and finish everything soon then.

Later, Aryan meets Pallavi, then Dadi’s friend asks the Priest to start the prayer.

Ranbir pretends as if Aryan slapped him. He tells Aaliya that he said something about her and Aryan raised his hand. Aaliya hugs Aryan. Sahana tells her to go hug her future daughter-in-law also. Aaliya goes to see her. Ranbir tells him that they will do something so that Aaliya likes Mili.

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