Pallavi goes behind Dadi’s friend and sees her drinking wine. Pallavi asks her what she felt when she held Prachi’s hand? She says that she knows what kind of baby is about to come. She tells that Prachi’s baby is the heir of the family and will make the Kohli name famous but when she held Rhea’s hand, she felt nothing. Pallavi gets worried.

Rhea takes gift and places it on Prachi’s lap and whispers to her that she wishes she has a dead baby! Prachi gets angry and pushes Rhea to the floor. Everyone gets shocked. Rhea acts innocent. 

Prachi tells Pallavi that Rhea wished she had a dead baby. Everyone gets shocked. Rhea shouts saying she won’t let everyone ignore her baby!

Rhea says she doesn’t care about Prachi and her baby and that she will kill them! Ranbir tries to stop her. Prachi says she can’t risk her baby so she won’t stay here!

Pallavi says if anyone has to leave, then it should be Rhea! Rhea says she won’t go! Rhea takes a knife and is about to stab Prachi when Ranbir stops her. Prachi and the others get shocked. Ranbir asks her to get out and throws her out. Rhea cries saying that she can’t live without him. She cries and tells him that she loves him. She realises that it was her imagination.

Rhea wishes Prachi that may she have a baby that is like the moon. Pallavi thanks the guests for coming and making this occasion special. She tells that now it’s time to play a game called Gudda Guddi. She explains the rules to them that there will be garlands which the grandparents will hold and the would-be parents will be blindfolded and they will try to find the garland and whatever toys they get, determines the gender of the baby. She tells that it’s a traditional game. Sahana appreciates it.

Prachi and Ranbir are blindfolded. Prachi goes first and selects a boy. Ranbir goes and holds Prachi’s hand and tells that she’s his destiny so whatever she chooses is also going to be his destiny. Everyone clap for them. Rhea gets furious and leaves.

Dadi’s friend tells Dadi that she felt nothing when she held Rhea’s hand. She felt only darkness and tells that it was like there was no baby in her. Dadi gets shocked and tells her that she’s imagining a lot. <span;>Dadi’s friend tells she’s not joking as she feels like Rhea’s baby will be inauspicious to the family. Pallavi hears them and gets shocked.

Later, on the terrace, Aryan tells Sahana that Stanley isn’t the right person to be her boyfriend and that she can get anyone easily.

Pallavi tells Prachi to eat the fry fruit laddoos saying she made it. Then, Ranbir goes and asks Pallavi why she lied saying she made it as he knows that someone gifted these laddoos? She gets shocked.

Ranbir asks Pallavi why she lied to Prachi saying that she made the laddoos? Pallavi tells that she wanted Prachi to eat it as it’s healthy and tells that she would only eat it if she thought that she made the laddoo herself. She tells that if it’s in the welfare of her children then she will lie. Ranbir apologises and tells he didn’t mean to doubt her intention. Pallavi asks him to go and check up on Prachi. He goes and Pallavi asks Rhea to come out as she knows she’s spying on her.

Rhea tells her that it’s hard to believe. Pallavi asks what should she do to make her believe?

Later, Aryan, Mili, Sahana, Prachi and Ranbir play truth or dare.

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