When Prachi’s turn comes, she chooses truth so Ranbir asks her if she still loves him? She looks at him emotionally and goes to talk but it starts raining. They all rush inside.

Ranbir goes to Prachi’s room. She turns and her hair hits him. He tells her that she’s taking revenge on him by hitting him with her hair. She throws a towel at him. She comes back and holds his cheeks. He says he’s going and falls down. Prachi laughs. He asks if it is funny if her husband falls? She tells him it’s karma. He kisses her on both cheeks.

Aryan goes to Rhea. Rhea tells him that her father used to love her a lot, but Pragya always loved Prachi. She tells him that he came and congratulated Prachi for her pregnancy but not for her. Aryan tells her that he would have wished her if he knew. Rhea hugs him and cries. She tells him that she’s also Ranbir’s wife and is also pregnant with his child. Aryan gets shocked.

Prachi hits Ranbir’s eye. He asks her if she still loves him? Prachi gets emotional and says yes. They hug. Prachi thinks of Rhea’s plea to leave Ranbir for her and breaks the hug. She leaves from there.

Sahana goes to her and Prachi tells her that Rhea pleaded in front of her and that she can’t refuse her the happiness she deserves. Rhea hears this and thinks her idea worked.

Prachi tells Sahana that Ranbir is her sister’s husband so she can’t stay here. She tells her she won’t let her baby miss anything. Sahana tells her that their Aunt brought her up with a lot of love but she still missed her father. Pallavi gets shocked listening to them.

Aaliya asks Rhea why she’s so happy? She says that Prachi will leave tomorrow morning. She tells Aaliya that her plan worked. Rhea laughs saying she destroyed her sister’s house!

Pallavi goes to Dadi and tells her that she heard Prachi tell Sahana that she’s leaving and asks her to go and stop her. She thinks of Wendy’s words saying Prachi’s child is auspicious and will bring good luck to the family. Pallavi asks Dadi to stop Prachi from leaving the house as she doesn’t want her to go. Dadi gets emotional and tells that few days ago, she ordered her to make Prachi leave but now she’s asking her to make Prachi stay. She asks Pallavi to find out why Prachi wants to leave and tells then they can come up with a solution.

Prachi sees Ranbir and Aryan hugging and Ranbir asks her to come in. Aryan leaves the room with Sahana and Ranbir closes the door. He asks her to go change. She changes and comes and he makes her sleep. He asks her to close her eyes but she thinks this is the last night she’ll spend in this house.

Rhea sends Shaina off and tells Aaliya that Prachi will leave the house the next day and gets happy.

Pallavi goes to the room and tells Vikram that Rhea should leave the house. He gets shocked.

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