Aryan and Sahana have a playful argument and he tells her that there’s something behind her ear and then he says that he was just kidding. She chases him and then smiles.

Aaliya asks Rhea why did she behave so rudely with Shaina? Shaina comes back saying her cab broke down so she had to come back. Shaina and Rhea hug out their differences.

Rhea then goes to Ranbir’s room and knocks. He opens the door and asks her what does she want? She tells that she wants her husband. Prachi wakes up. He tells her that she cheated him and he only loves Prachi. She tells him that Prachi will leave tomorrow. He asks her to let him spend time then. He slams the door and holds Prachi’s hand.

Rhea tells Shaina and Aaliya that she’ll kill her fake baby!

Rhea says she will kill Ranbir’s unborn child! Aaliya asks her how she would do that since she’s not really pregnant Rhea tells them they no one knows that and now Ranbir is stopping Prachi from leaving. Aaliya tells her to go and talk to Pallavi first.

Prachi wakes up and sees Ranbir sleeping on the floor holding her hand. Ranbir wakes up and says good morning. He tells her if he sleeps on the bed she will be uncomfortable but now he’s atleast holding her hand.  Prachi says she has to do something and leaves. She thinks she will never leave.

Rhea goes to Pallavi and tells her that she is worried for her baby and tells her to ask Prachi to leave. Pallavi agrees, so Rhea hugs her. Pallavi tells her that she will ask Prachi to leave but only after 9 months and she also has to divorce Ranbir. Rhea gets shocked and tells her that Ranbir is her everything to her and asks how can she ask her to divorce Ranbir? Pallavi tells her it’s all part of her planning.

Dadi tells Vikram that Pallavi is planning something. Vikram says he thinks the same.

Prachi and Rhea collide. She tells Prachi that she snatched her husband away from her! Prachi says Ranbir was always hers in the first place. She tells Rhea that her marriage is the lie as it was done by blackmailing everyone!

Shaina comes there and taunts Prachi. Sahana comes there and tells Shaina to mind her language! Aaliya comes and calls Rhea.

Prachi tells Sahana not to fight. Sahana and Shaina continue to argue with each other.

Rhea tells Aaliya everything.

Aryan sees Shaina and Sahana fight. Ranbir shouts at them to stop! They refuse to say sorry to each other and leave.

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