Aaliya goes to Pallavi’s room and threatens her and asks how could she ask Rhea to divorce Ranbir??

Dadi hears them from outside. Pallavi tells her that she asked Rhea to divorce so that Prachi will stay back. Dadi gets happy hearing this. Pallavi says this is for Rhea’s betterment. Dadi leaves.

Rhea comes there and says she won’t divorce Ranbir no matter what! Aaliya tells them that they can arrange a fake divorce but will make it look real so that Prachi won’t be stressed till she gives birth and after that, she will be kicked out!

Prachi tells Dadi that Sahana and Shaina fought. Sahana tells her that Shaina was taking Rhea’s side. Prachi says she can’t hear anything against Rhea as she is her sister. Prachi is about to go

when Ranbir talks to their baby. He tells her that he wants a daughter just like her. Prachi smiles. Ranbir tells Prachi that he keeps imagining their daughter to be like her and tells her that he can hear their daughter telling him to take care of Prachi.

Rhea thinks if she should believe Pallavi? She thinks she will manipulate Prachi.

Rhea tells Ranbir she wants to talk and asks him to stop protecting Prachi like she’s a little girl.

Ranbir calls Prachi. Rhea tells him not to create a scene and to come into the room. He tells he doesn’t want to talk to her! Everyone looks at them.

Vikram tells Rhea to grow up! She tells him not to get involved in these matters. Rhea tells Prachi that no one accepts her and she is shameless to continue to stay there! Ranbir argues with her. Aaliya tells them that Rhea is saying the truth that Prachi ruined her house!

Rhea pushes Dadi and Vikram holds her. Pallavi comes and tells her that she has crossed all limits and asks her to sign the divorce papers!

Prachi says Rhea is pregnant and they shouldn’t abandon her. Rhea tells them that Ranbir has taken advantage of her.

Prachi tells them that Ranbir told her that Rhea spiked his drink and he was not in his senses. Rhea says it’s a false story. Prachi tells Ranbir to divorce Rhea. Ranbir signs the papers. Pallavi tells Rhea to sign or else she will tell the Police the truth! She tells her she also knows Rhea hired Nick to kill Prachi. Rhea signs the papers and throws them on Prachi. Rhea says she will return to the house! Pallavi tells Rhea that she will make sure she will rot in jail! She takes her out.

Rhea suddenly shouts waking up. She thanks God that it was a dream. She comes out and sees Ranbir and Prachi sleeping holding hands. She throws a vase.

Prachi wakes up and sees Ranbir. She tells him that it’s okay and he can sleep on the bed. Prachi goes to freshen up. She is about to faint but Ranbir holds her. Prachi hugs him.

Aryan thinks that they love each other so much and prays for them.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Pallavi  was throwing her out of the house and Prachi asked Ranbir to divorce her in her dream.

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