Prachi sees the lady and remembers that she’s the waitress in the hotel.

The lady says she saw Prachi and Siddharth hug each other and he was asking Prachi to leave the place together. Rhea shows entry records showing Prachi and Siddharth in the same room and shows their pictures. Ranbir tears the pictures and tells the lady to leave!

Prachi says only Siddharth can tell the truth. Vikram calls Siddharth and tells him to come home. He tells everyone to leave their phones until Siddharth comes so that no one can ask him to lie!

Ranbir locks everyone’s phones and gives the key to Dadi.

Aaliya tells Rhea that she’s an idiot as she took Siddharth’s name! Rhea tells her that Ranbir believed her the last time. Aaliya tells her that now, he won’t believe.

Ranbir goes to Prachi and tells her that if he hadn’t doubted her, then they would have been happy together. He tells her that he is the reason for her tears. Prachi wipes his tears.

Pallavi and Vikram come. He tells them that Pallavi is crying seeing Ranbir cry.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Pallavi used to like her and was on her side but now, it’s Prachi’s fault that she isn’t on her side.

Pallavi tells Prachi that everyone is with her. Vikram gets a call from Siddharth and he says that he will reach in the evening as the flight is canceled. Vikram asks him to switch off the phone till then.

Rhea takes her phone and she’s about to leave, but Prachi tells her that she got courage from her family so she wants her family. She tells her that she doesn’t want someone who questions her and her baby’s character. Prachi tells her that she will get a DNA test done.

Rhea asks Ranbir if he doesn’t love  her? He tells her that he never loved her. He tells Prachi they will go for the test in the morning. Rhea panics.

Ranbir goes and sits in the car. Prachi goes and sits in the passenger seat. He asks her to think again if she’s sure about this decision? She tells she is. He tells her that he believes her. She tells him that she’s doing this so that she can shut Rhea’s mouth and tells that she wants to do it for the peace of her heart.

Aryan and Sahana come and sit behind and tells that even they are supporting Prachi’s decision. Aryan tells he came back after he sort out things between Mili and her boyfriend. He tells that she’s not his girlfriend. Sahana tells it makes sense that she isn’t his girlfriend. He asks her if he can’t have a girlfriend? Ranbir and Prachi laugh at them.

Pallavi asks Rhea if whatever she alleged about Siddharth being Prachi’s baby’s father true or not? Aaliya tells she should ask Prachi. Pallavi asks them why she needs to keep proving herself? Dadi overhears them but then she gets caught. Dadi tells she came to ask for tea. Pallavi tells she’ll get it.

Dadi goes and tells Vikram about what she overheard. Vikram assures her that Pallavi is on Prachi’s side. Dadi still worries.

Ranbir, Prachi, Sahana and Aryan reach the hospital. Prachi sprains her foot so Ranbir carries her. Sahana tells that it’s cute they’re in love. Ranbir and Prachi go to give the test. Aryan and Sahana argue with each other.

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