Aaliya meets few goons and asks them to kill Siddharth and gives them his photo. She asks them to make it look like an accident.

Dadi questions Pallavi about her allegiance towards Prachi because she thinks that Pallavi doesn’t completely support Prachi? Pallavi tells Dadi that Rhea has shown so many proofs against Prachi and tells that all of them can’t be fake. Pallavi tells him that Prachi is pregnant and that’s why she supported her. Dadi thinks that something is wrong.

It starts raining and then Prachi asks Ranbir to stop the car as she saw a temple and she wants to go pray. Ranbir holds an umbrella for her.

Aryan asks Sahana why Prachi can’t just pray from the car? Ranbir and Prachi play in the rain. Aryan looks at them and says they are like kids.

Rhea thinks her lie is about to be exposed! She thinks that they will get to know that she paid the hotel staff. She gets frustrated.

Prachi, Sahana, Aryan and Ranbir come back home and sees that everyone is wet and tells them to go change their clothes and dry themselves.

Ranbir dries Prachi’s hair. Shaina sees this and decides to tell Aaliya. Shaina sees Aaliya talking to someone on the phone. Aaliya asks them to send proof that Siddharth Kohli is dead and then she will send them money. Shaina gets shocked and Aaliya notices her there and asks Shaina not to tell anyone that she hired goons to kill Siddharth.

Ranbir brings tea for Prachi and asks her to drink it. She drinks it and he asks her how is it as he prepared it? She tells it is good and then offers the tea to him. He drinks it and looks at her lipstick mark on it and thinks of kissing it.

Sahana comes and tells them that they are called downstairs. Prachi leaves with her and he kisses the lipstick mark.

Rhea comes to the hall and asks why did Pallavi call everyone? Pallavi tells that the reports are on the way as the hospital called and informed.

The doorbell rings and Prachi goes to open it. She takes the report and gives it to Rhea saying that she doubted her and can now go ahead and open the report and see. Rhea gets worried thinking she will be exposed and opens the report and gets shocked. Aaliya reads it and gives it to Pallavi. Pallavi reads it and gets shocked. Dadi asked what happened? Pallavi tells Ranbir isn’t the father. Everyone gets shocked.

Ranbir takes the report and tears it telling that he trusts Prachi and he doesn’t care what the report says and tells that Siddharth will come and clear the doubt!

Rhea asks him if he’s stupid to believe Prachi over these reports? Ranbir tells her he believes his wife and takes Prachi to the room.

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