The goons follow Siddharth behind his cab.

Ranbir asks Prachi to not think about what others are feeling as he trusts her. She hugs him and thanks him.

The Driver tells Siddharth that someone is following them and they need to escape. Shaina tells Rhea that she bribed to get the fake reports. Aaliya, Rhea and Shaina get shocked to see Pallavi behind.

Pallavi tells Rhea that she believes her and tells she doesn’t believe Prachi at all especially after the results of the report. She tells Prachi is a disgrace!

Ranbir comes and asks her if this is what she really thinks and asks how can she think like this about her own daughter-in-law? He tells that he believes Prachi and knows what the truth is and tells that he wants to stay with Prachi and live with his family

Pallavi slaps him and he gets shocked. She asks him how can he say this after knowing that it is Siddharth’s baby?? She asks him if he wants to leave her for Prachi? He tells that she only thought him to respect everyone and not just the elders alone.

The Driver asks Siddharth if he knows who is following them? Siddharth tells he wants to confront them. The Driver stops and the goon comes and knocks the window.

Inspector Mahesh knocks on the window on the other side and then asks the goon what he wants? The goon tells nothing and leaves with his team.

Siddharth asks the Inspector what is he doing? The Inspector sits beside him and tells that he’s happy he recognised him. They leave and reach the Kohli house.

Rhea tells that the truth will come out now! Aaliya hopes she won’t get caught!

Pallavi asks if he is the father of Prachi’s baby?? He gets shocked and asks what is she asking? She asks him to answer! He confirms that he isn’t the father of Prachi’s child.

Pallavi asks Siddharth to tell whether he is the father of Prachi’s baby and he tells no. Rhea asks him not to lie. He tells he isn’t lying and Ranbir asks Rhea to stop forcing Siddharth! He thanks Siddharth for coming and tells that he was called to clear the misunderstanding out.

Rhea shows him the photos of him and Prachi together and asks Siddharth to explain the truth. He tells that it is right that the baby is his. Everyone gets shocked and Prachi slaps him and asks him why is he lying?? Rhea tells that now the truth came out.

Ranbir holds his collar and asks him why’s he ruining Prachi’s reputation and asks him to tell the truth! Siddharth tells Prachi that there’s no use in lying to everyone so even she should agree that the baby is his. She tells that she won’t ever agree because she knows it’s not true! She tells him that she won’t ever forgive him for lying about this!

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