Sahana sees Ranbir and tries to wake him up. She realises that he’s drunk and wonders what to do?

The girls in the van tell Prachi that they will be sold. Prachi tells them that she’s married to Ranbir Kohli and he betrayed her.

Shahana sprinkles water on Ranbir and wakes him up. She tells him that someone kidnapped Prachi in a tempo. He asks the tempo number. Shahana tells him.

A goon opens the truck door. He tells Prachi that girls come here and only their dead bodies leave! She tells the goon that her husband won’t sit quietly! He takes her picture and tapes her mouth. Then, he blindfolds all the girls.

Rhea appreciates Aaliya’s idea to use Siddharth’s Sister as leverage. She tells her that she can free his sister now. Aaliya tells her that Siddharth might tell the truth to anyone if his Sister is freed.

Sahana and Ranbir search for Prachi.

The goons make the girls sit in a godown and tell them they will earn a lot of money this time. The goons tie Prachi’s feet. She asks them for water. She slides and takes a glass piece and frees herself. She then frees the other girls.

The goon comes back and alerts the other goons. Two girls escape through the window. Before the third girl could escape, a lady goon stops her and aims the gun at Prachi.

The lady goon intoxicates Prachi and the others. She orders other goons to go catch the 2 girls who escaped!

A girl comes in front of the car while Sahana is driving. Ranbir gets down and checks on the girl and then asks her if she knows about Prachi? The girl tells him that she knows where Prachi is.

One of the kidnapper calls a guy and tells him that he has the girls. He replies to him that no girl is beautiful. He sends him Prachi’s picture. He tells the kidnapper to bring her!

All the girls are intoxicated. Prachi tells the other girl about Ranbir.

Sahana and Ranbir comes to the the place but Ranbir is still drunk. He calls out to Prachi and he goes to her. They hug. Prachi tells the other girl that this is her husband.

Sahana comes there and tells them that they need to leave but the Kidnappers come.

They fight with the goons. The Kidnapper aims a gun at Sahana. The lady goon locks Ranbir and Prachi in a room. The goons tie Sahana’s hands and threaten to kill her! She gets worried for Ranbir and Prachi.

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