Prachi cries saying Ranbir left her and then he cries saying that she was about to leave him. She tells him that he got married to Rhea. He tells her not to cry.

Prachi tells Ranbir that she will never leave him and go, but he has to marry her. He tells her that he’s ready and if needed, he will marry her every year. They talk about their child.The girl next to Sahana tells her that she and another person will run away and the goons will go behind them and at that time, Shahana can escape.

Siddharth convinces himself to tell the truth to Vikram.

Sahana hides behind a car and distracts the other goons. Sahana gets in the car as they leave but she can’t find thr car keys. She searched the car and finds Ranbir’s phone.

Siddharth goes to Vikram’s room and sees Vikram’s suit on the chair. He thinks it’s him and tells him everything but when he turns on the light he realises that it’s not him and thinks that he needs to tell the truth about Aaliya and Rhea to him no matter what!

Sahana calls Vikram and tells him to contact the Police and informs him that they are in the Shalimar warehouse. All the family members leave to save Prachi and Ranbir.

Vikram tells Siddharth that Prachi and Ranbir got kidnapped and asks him to come to the location. Siddharth gets shocked and tells that he will reach there.

Ranbir and Prachi hug. One of the Kidnappers meets with the guy who is helping them cross the border. He tells him if he doesn’t get the tempo in 30 mins, they can’t cross.

Sahana sees the Kidnappers coming and hides the phone. They take her back inside. The Kidnappers also take the other girls.

Prachi asks Ranbir to go save them. He goes through the window when the Kidnappers take Prachi. She shouts. He comes out calling her.

The Kidnapper holds Ranbir. Prachi runs to him. The lady goon says that she will spray something on Ranbir to make him sleep.

Vikram comes to the place. He tells them that they can’t wait for the Police. They go inside silently. They see Ranbir and Prachi hugging. The Kidnappers see them.

Pallavi points to Rhea and tells them that she kidnapped her. The Kidnapper asks his gang to catch all of them! Everyone fights with the goons.

A Kidnapper takes Prachi out, Siddharth comes there and throws something in his eyes.

The Police comes there and tell them they were in search of these goons for so many days now.

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