They all go home.

Sahana makes Prachi lie down. Pallavi tells Aaliya that Prachi is pregnant and in that condition, they have kidnapped her. They can’t forget that she is carrying the family’s baby!

Sid feels bad about destroying a happy family. He promises to make everything fine.

Rhea and Aaliya gets frustrated on seeing Vikram and Pallavi bringing Prachi into the house along with Ranbir. Rhea screams in anger as things got ruined after they went to such great lengths to build misunderstandings between Ranbir and Prachi! Seeing Rhea lose her cool, Aaliya asks her to stop screaming and act calmly if she wants to do something. However, Rhea continues to blabber in anger and gets slapped by Aaliya to shut her mouth for one minute!

Aaliya says that they will do something unexpected to turn tables soon as she consoles Rhea by hugging her.

The next day, Pallavi feels sad while staring at Ranbir, as she realizes that her Son has lost his happiness and shine over time. Ranbir wakes up and asks Pallavi what happened yesterday as he cannot remember anything? Pallavi tells Ranbir that he doesn’t need to take the stress and pats his head after placing his head on her lap. Feeling sad, Ranbir says that he is lost in his life as Prachi, whom he loves the most, is going to become the mother of Siddharth’s child.

Meanwhile, Aaliya blames two Servants for stealing her necklace as she saw them in the jewelry store the previous day! The boy denies the accusation and asks Aaliya to stop with her imagined setups because they are poor! Telling another servant, Priya to search for the necklace, the boy challenges Aaliya that the necklace must be somewhere in the room.

Priya searches the room and finds the necklace behind the bed making Aaliya go silent. Aaliya asks them to leave but the boy asks her to apologize to Priya as she aimlessly blamed them without checking! Hearing the boy’s words, Aaliya gets infuriated, fires them instantly, and asks them to leave the house!

Elsewhere, Sahana stops Prachi from leaving after she wakes up and tells her not to cause a scene as Ganesha is arriving in the house. Prachi considers Sahana’s suggestion and dresses up for the prayer.

Ganesha’s idol arrives at the house and Ranbir encounters Siddharth, giving off a death stare at him.

As the arti starts, Ranbir joins Prachi in doing the arti together but leaves in the middle making Prachi feel hurt.

Rhea pushes Siddharth toward Prachi so that they can do the arti together but Prachi walks away from Siddharth.

To take revenge, Sahana pushes Rhea toward Siddharth, leading to Rhea and Siddharth doing the arti together while glaring at each other.

Prachi, Ranbir, and Rhea prays to Ganeshji for different things to be resolved in their lives.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that what she has thought is the correct choice for the family’s reputation and the future of the younger generation. Hearing Aaliya, Pallavi feels confident in her decision and tells Vikram that she wants to talk to him about something.

Vikram follows Pallavi to one corner and asks her what she wants to talk about? Pallavi says that she utterly cares for Prachi and her child and wants her to have a safe and comfortable pregnancy. Hearing Pallavi being concerned about Prachi’s pregnancy, he feels happy and listens to her suggestion.

Aaliya sees Vikram walking away with Pallavi following him behind, while asking him to stop and wonders what would have caused that?

Meanwhile, Siddharth comes to Ranbir and tells him that he wants to have a talk with him in private. Ranbir gets infuriated at first but follows Siddharth to listen to him.

However, Rhea notices Rambir and Siddharth together and comes to interrupt them by taking away Ranbir with her.

Ranbir and Rhea come to the dance floor and comes to an energetic Ganpati occasion song.

As Ranbir bumps into Prachi, they both have an eye lock with them communicating with each other through their eyes.

Rhea comes and challenges Prachi for a dance face-off and both Sisters show their dance skills on the dance floor.

Seeing that Prachi is feeling dizzy, Sahana takes her to the room so that she can rest properly.

Meanwhile, Siddharth again attempts to talk with Ranbir but fails as Rhea asks both of them to come to Pallavi’s room.

After everyone gathers, Pallavi and Vikram announce that they have made a decision for the betterment of the future of Ranbir, Rhea, Prachi and Siddharth.

Pallavi says that it will be best to marry Prachi and Siddharth with each other regarding the situation given. Everyone gets shocked on hearing Pallavi but no one resists her decision as Prachi is carrying Siddharth’s child.

Siddharth says he and Prachi cannot marry each other which angers Ranbir and he questions Siddhart for a valid reason?

Pallavi announces that Prachi and Siddharth’s engagement will take place the next day and the marriage will be done next week!

Elsewhere, Prachi suddenly feels uncomfortable and rushes to speak with Ranbir.

Pallavi asks the family to come, the guests have come. Sid asks her to think again, the decision doesn’t look fine, why is she hurrying with the engagement and marriage? She asks if he wants to delay it? He tells that he doesn’t like her decision, it will make the life more complicated. She asks him if he had thought of this before, before crossing all the limits, he could take her decision as a punishment or his repentance, but this is the only way to save Prachi and her baby! She tells that Prachi is pregnant, they will never call her baby legitimate, which was why she was trying to leave the house. She feels disgusted that Prachi cheated them!

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