Rhea talks to Aaliya about Siddharth, but Aaliya sees that Daljeet is spying on them. She quickly lies but Daljeet figures it out.

Later, Sahana speaks to Aryan and tells him he should speak to Ranbeer and try to talk about the situation.

Later, Sahana speaks to Prachi and Aryan speaks with Ranbir. He states that his relationship with Prachi was strained and now, he cannot accept the fact that Prachi is pregnant with Siddharth’s child.

Ranbir goes to his room and feels furious, thinking about the time he spent with Prachi.

Later, Daljeet follows Aaliya and Rhea and wonders what they are up to?

Aryan comes to Ranbir and tries to calm him down.

Prachi tells Vikram that she doesn’t wish to marry Siddharth. Ranbir interjects and says that she will have to marry Siddharth, surprising her. Vikram says that he will talk to Ranbir and console him.

Meanwhile, Daljeet follows Aaliya to the hotel where she brings Siddharth’s sister and keeps her tied up.

Later, Rhea brings Siddharth to the hotel and Daljeet hides from the goons. Aaliya threatens him and says that his sister’s life depends on him and his silence!

Vikram consoles Ranbir and Aryan speaks with Prachi as well.

Daljeet feels that Aaliya and Rhea are up to something.

Aaliya gets furious over the goon and slaps him.

While Daljeet hides outside and tries to decipher Rhea and Aaliya’s ruse, Rhea smacks the same thug as well as he interferes while she is talking!

Siddharth pleads with Rhea to release him and his sister because they have complied with her request. Aaliya threatens him and urges him to soon get married to Prachi!

Later, Aaliya directs the thugs to keep Siddharth’s sister captive and gives them some instructions.

Rhea sees Daljeet lurking outside and informs the goons to dispose of her! Rhea informs Aaliya that once Siddharth and Prachi’s marriage is over, they can take care of Daljeet and even use blackmail if necessary!

Daljeet attempts to contact Ranbir after realising she is in danger.

Vikram comforts Ranbir at home and instructs Prachi to tend to Ranbir’s injuries. Later, Prachi yells at Ranbir.

Daljeet confines herself in a room while the thugs chase her.

Megha, Siddharth’s sister, escapes Aaliya and Rhea while they discuss their own strategy.

Later, Prachi asks Ranbeer whether he’ll leave her as they share their feelings with one another? Although he acknowledges that he cannot live with her, Ranbeer makes a pledge to love her forever. He tells her that all he wants is for her to always be joyful.

Ranbir says to Prachi I will just pray that you stay happy with whoever you want, just be happy. He leaves. Prachi in tears thinks about Ranbir’s words and goes in the direction Ranbir went.

Dadi escapes from Aaliya ’s goons.

Prachi searches for Ranbir. Shahana asks her what happened? Prachi tells Ranbir wants her to marry Sid. Shahana asks Prachi to understand Ranbir’s situation. Prachi asks what to understand? How can he think of me getting married to Sid? She tells she is leaving the house! Ranbir hears her.

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