Prachi questions Pallavi over her behaviour but she rebukes her.

Rahul and his thugs hide Siddharth’s sister and discuss their plan.

The Police come to the house, chasing the goons and Aaliya notices them. The Police Inspector tells Vikram that they saw some thugs kidnapping an older woman and followed them. Vikram feels confused and Aaliya feels that the Police Officer is talking about Daljeet. Aaliya feigns innocence and Rhea fumbles and mentions that they do not know the goons.

Ranbeer brings Siddharth and the Priest but runs into Vikram and the Cops.

Rahul and his thugs see the Police inside the house and start worrying about their plan.

Later, Rhea loses her cool and starts packing her bag, to escape from the Police. Rhea worries about the secret being exposed and tells Aaliya about her worries.

Pallavi talks to the Priest and asks him to find an appropriate hour to get Prachi and Siddharth married. Prachi feels astonished over Ranbeer’s words and stumbles behind only to find Daljeet, tied up.

Rhea and Aaliya realise that Daljeet is at home itself and hide the goons from the police. Rhea and Aaliya try to hide the goons behind the blanket and Prachi ask what they are up to? Rhea and Aaliya manage to get the goons out of the room in the nick of time as Vikram and the Police arrive behind them.

Daljeet slowly regains consciousness, and the family members ask her what happened? Daljeet sees Aaliya and Rhea and points at them. The Police chase Rhea and Aaliya while Prachi gets water for Daljeet, who tells Pallavi that she knows the truth.

Rhea and Aaliya try to walk out inconspicuously but Vikram and Ranbeer stop them. Rhea and Aaliya feign innocence, but Daljeet comes there and says that she knows Rhea and Aaliya have kidnapped someone. They both feel flustered and start blaming each other.

Siddharth opens his mouth and just as he is about to tell everyone the truth about his sister’s kidnapping, Aaliya mentions that she has arrived in Delhi.

Rahul and his thugs decide to continue their plan once the commotion is over. Aaliya makes up a story about Siddharth’s sister, Mihika and says that Rhea wanted to unite the two families. Rhea continues with the lie and tells Prachi that it was her, who saved her life after her accident.

Mihika arrives there and saves Rhea and Aaliya, telling everyone that Rhea had reached out to her.

Later, it is revealed how Aaliya and Rhea threatened Mihika and asked her to lie.

Daljeet tells everyone that she knows they are lying but Mihika sticks to her story.

Prachi accepts Mihika and welcomes her to the family. Rhea announces to everyone that Siddharth is getting married to Prachi!

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