Mihika ends up siding with Aaliya and Rhea and supports their lies. She even says that Prachi would be an ideal fit for Siddharth, as he always liked her.

Rahul and his thugs decide to execute their plan.

Ranbeer feels upset over Mihika’s words and Prachi reasons with him, saying that all she wanted was for him to live his dreams.

Later, Rhea and Alia celebrate their victory and thanks Mihika for saving them. Mihika cries as she feels guilty over her actions and Siddharth arrives there as well. They both threaten Siddharth and Rhea conveys her happiness to Aaliya and even states that they both are the smartest!

Later, Sahana tries to talk to Prachi, but she refuses to talk to her.

Aryan tries to talk to Ranbeer, who conveys his anger over Prachi to him.

Mihika states that she saw some goons in the kitchen, and they had guns but Rhea laughs at her. Aaliya gives a warning to Siddharth and separates him from his sister, Mihika.

Sahana and Aryan think of ways to patch things up with Ranbeer and Prachi.

Later, Rhea feels confident about her plan and tells Aaliya that no one can remove her from the house!

Daljeet conveys her worries to Pallavi and states that she doesn’t trust Rhea at all. Pallavi takes Rhea’s side and tells her not to worry.

Ranbir taunts Prachi by calling her a rude person. Prachi asks him to live with that fact as he will meet a lot of people like her.

Rahul keeps the knife on Dadi’s throat and everyone gets shocked. Dadi tells that it’s hurting her and Manish asks how would it be if the throat went inside??

Prachi goes and slaps Rahul and takes Dadi aside. They fight with the goons and Manish points the gun at Prachi.

Ranbir comes and saves her. He asks her if she is dumb to confront the goon?? She asks him if he’s reading books about motivation? He tells he’s watching movies. He asks her to be careful as she’s pregnant and it’s his baby as well. He realizes that it’s Siddharth’s baby and gets upset.

Aaliya and Rhea escape from the place. Rhea tells that Mihika was telling them about an attack conspiracy and they should’ve listened to her. They start running.

Siddharth comes there and tells them that they should’ve believed Mihika when she mentioned about this attack. They fight with each other and Aaliya pushes him. Rhea kicks him and they both run away.

Ranbir tells Prachi not to blame him for all the problems. She tells him that he is a problem in her life! They both continue to argue.

The goons search for Prachi, as she has taken their bag.

Ranbir sees the goon and pulls Prachi aside to hide. She bites his hand and then he tells her that he did it to hide them. Prachi feels bad and blows air on his hand.

Rhea comes and asks Sahana where’s Ranbir and she replies that he’s with Prachi. Rhea gets angry and thinks of killing her!

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