Aryan searches for his phone charger. Dadi gives him an old model. He tries calling but he gets to know that he doesn’t have any balance. Dadi beats him for not recharging the phone.

Rhea thinks of Sahana insulting her and gets angry. Rhea tells Aaliya that Sahana told her Prachi is tied to Ranbir! Aaliya tells her if the goons will shoot at Sahana, then Prachi might go to rescue her also. Rhea goes and tells Rahul that she will give him money but he has to go steal and she will stop him and become great.

Prachi tells Ranbir to leave her hand. He tells her they met, fell in love and got married directly. Prachi tells him she fell in love seeing the love in him and her heart beats the same way. She tells him that she is nothing to him and asks him to let her go. He tells her that she called herself his wife sometimes back. Prachi tells him that she won’t let him get closer.

Rahul brings Rhea to the hall according to the plan. The goon tells them to return the bag or else he will shoot Rhea and Pallavi!Everyone comes there.

The goon tells Prachi they were searching for his bag but now everything is under control. Rhea stamps on Rahul.

A flashback is shown where they say they want to take revenge on Aaliya. Rahul tells Aaliya she accused them of theft and asks her to give her necklace! He says Rhea was trying to buy him with money. He tells everyone that she wanted to act as if she was saving everyone. Rhea gets shocked. Rhea tells them that it’s nonsense!

Manish tells him not to waste time and asks him to take the jewelry. Rahul asks Aaliya to give the necklace! Another goon asks for Prachi’s ring. She tells him that it’s her mother’s and she won’t give it. Ranbir goes in front of her. Siddharth asks the goon to leave her. Ranbir beats them up.

Priya comes there and fires in the air.

Ranbir takes Prachi and Siddharth takes Rhea and they run away. The goon laughs finding the bag and takes it.

Priya overhears Siddharth and Rhea talking. Siddharth tells Rhea that he used to think she loved him but she didn’t.

Ranbir and Prachi come there. Siddharth tells Ranbir that Rhea is just jealous of Prachi.

Aaliya blackmails Siddharth again. He apologizes to Ranbir and tells him not to take his words seriously.

Priya comes there and aims the gun at them. Prachi coughs. Priya tells Ranbir to take her and give her water.

Mihika calls Prachi and tells her that one guy has made a powder, if anybody inhales it, they will faint. Prachi tells Ranbir everything. She tells him that she has no plan.

Priya brings Rhea, Aaliya and the others.

Prachi comes there and tells everyone everything. She tells everyone to open the doors and windows but they don’t listen. Everyone faints. Sahana gains consciousness and wakes Aryan up. Ranbir gains consciousness and goes to Prachi. He gets worried when she doesn’t respond.

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