Prachi’s condition deteriorates. Rhea wakes up and sees Ranbir trying to wake Prachi.

Sahana tells Aryan that she has tied the goons up. Ranbir sprinkles water on Prachi and tells her that he can’t live without her. Prachi’s hand drops. Rhea smiles.

Aaliya tells Pallavi she will go check on Rhea.

Ranbir goes to Jai and asks him what’s the solution? He tells Ranbir mouth to mouth CPR might work.

Rahul tells Dadi that they did this to teach Aaliya a lesson! She tells him that Prachi’s life is in danger because of it and that they should have taken revenge without risking lives.

Ranbir runs to Prachi and gives her mouth to mouth. Everyone gets shocked. Prachi wakes up and pushes him away. Ranbir goes behind her.

Rhea goes after Ranbir and holds his hand. She tells him that Prachi doesn’t belong to him anymore. She tells him if she was also dying, would he kiss her and save her life too? Ranbir tells her he loves Prachi and that’s why he saved her.

Ranbir goes to Prachi and throws a vase down. He tells her that she was dying and that’s why he gave her mouth-to-mouth respiration. She tells him that it’s better to die than to be saved by him!

Rhea tells Pallavi and Aaliya that Ranbir will do anything to stop Siddharth and Prachi’s marriage. Pallavi tells her that the marriage will happen and she will handle Ranbir!

Sahana says if they hadn’t tied the goons, they would have suffered. Ranbir says they will call the Police. The goons plead with them.

Aaliya tells them that they held them at gunpoint but now they are apologizing. Rhea tells Siddharth to free their hands so they can beg for forgiveness. She tells them to rub their noses on the ground.

Prachi tells Aaliya even she made a mistake of falsely accusing them, humiliated Priya and hurt her self respect. Prachi tells Ranbir that they will let them go as what they did was because of Aaliya.

Ranbir says Prachi is right and that Aaliya should apologize. Aaliya refuses and leaves. Rhea goes behind her.

Rahul, Priya and Manish apologize to Prachi. Prachi tells Priya to come to work in the morning.

Prachi tells Sahana that Ranbir asked her to marry Siddharth but he doesn’t really want that.

Ranbir thinks of his moments with Prachi and drinks. He wonders how he will stay without Prachi and how will he let her go with someone else?

Rhea tells Aaliya she’s angry with how Prachi has a hold on Ranbir. She tells Rhea to calm down as Prachi is marrying Siddharth. Aaliya tells Rhea to ignite a fire in Prachi so that she leaves on her own!

Prachi goes to Ranbir’s room and switches on the light. She tells him that she wants to talk to him but he’s drunk. He asks her why there is no intensity in her promises? She asks him if that time when he saved her, he had other feelings in his heart? He tells her that he didn’t have feelings and turns around and wipes his tears. Prachi also gets emotional. He tells her that he has no feelings for her and that she can marry Siddharth and start a family with him.

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