Ranbeer feels upset over Prachi and remembers the arguments he had with her. He drinks uncontrollably and goes out driving. He loses control of his car and comes to a stop.

Later, Prachi meets with Siddharth, who tells her she is a good person. Prachi rebukes him and says that she hates him, and he has broken her trust! Siddharth tries to tell her the truth but sees Aaliya looking at him and walks away from Prachi.

Aaliya taunts Prachi and Rhea brings her gifts for her upcoming wedding with Siddharth. Rhea and Prachi argue with each other and Sahana try to pacify Prachi. Rhea continues to chide Prachi and mentions that if she cares about the family, she should prove it. Prachi rebukes her and mentions that she will prove that she cares for the family by getting engaged to Siddharth.

Later, Prachi cries over her situation and feels irked over Ranbeer and his behaviour.

Ranbeer comes home drunk, and Prachi sees the wounds on his hand. She takes care of him, while Ranbeer feels distraught. Prachi takes the first aid to nurse Ranbir’s wounds. She sees a shooting star and asks him to make a wish. He hopes to go back to the time he was happy with Prachi. Prachi prays to go back to the time they had no misunderstandings. Prachi tells him tomorrow is her engagement. He tells her that he doesn’t feel bad as she is happy. She walks away. Both of them get teary-eyed. They both go to hug each other but stop and she leaves.

Rhea goes to Aaliya’s room to tell her that Prachi agreed to marry Siddharth. Aaliya tells her that Prachi will be forced to leave the house after marriage too.

Next morning, Prachi wakes up to find the whole house decorated.

Ranbir comes and gives tea to her. Aryan comes and tells them that Ranbir decorated the whole house. Ranbir tells them that he is very happy that Prachi is getting engaged.

Ranbir asks Siddharth if he would feel bad if he helped Prachi with the engagement?

Prachi goes to Ranbir and asks him why did he ask such a question? She tells him that Siddharth might not want the wedding too. Prachi walks away tensed.

Dadi tells her friend that they have to attend the wedding but they can’t believe Ranbir and Prachi let it happen. The friend assures her that she will make sure Prachi and Ranbir are not separated!

Aaliya gives Rhea clothes that are of Prachi’s choice. She tells her that  Ranbir likes someone who is similar to Prachi. Rhea agrees to adjust for some time. She tells Aaliya that she will soon replace Prachi in the house!

Pallavi gives some advice to Prachi and tells her to trust her decision as she wishes for her happiness and for her child to have a mother and a father. Pallavi requests Prachi to ensure the engagement goes smoothly and not create drama until the wedding is done.

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