Prachi agrees reluctantly and cries in her room.

Prachi dreams about Ranbeer being there for her but then it turns into a nightmare. She goes to talk to Ranbeer as she feels that he could be in danger and her nightmare is a premonition about Ranbeer being in danger.

Later, Prachi hugs Ranbeer and cries and Ranbeer feels distraught as well for not being able to accept Prachi.

Aaliya meets with Pallavi and tells her that she supports her decision completely. Pallavi tells Aaliya that she almost accepted Prachi as she was going to be the mother of Ranbeer’s child. Pallavi mentions that she is very conflicted about her decision but now, as she is going to be the mother of Siddharth’s child, she wishes for Prachi to get out of Ranbeer’s life!

Siddharth overhears the two and cries over the situation.

Later, Prachi remembers the time she spent with Ranbeer and he helps her get ready for the engagement. Ranbir helps Prachi to get ready. Prachi becomes emotional and Ranbir wipes her tears. Prachi looks at him and tells please don’t be late. Prachi thinks he has come back. But she sees Siddharth standing.

Prachi scolds Siddharth and tells that because of him, everything is happening. She asks the reason for his lie?? Siddharth apologises to her. She tells him that he took everything from her. She says he is worst than Rhea. She compares Sid to the crocodile! She tells that when Rhea said Ranbir is not the father of her child, she was very angry but Ranbir was still with her. She asks him to tell the truth.

Siddharth says he doesn’t have a family but Prachi and Ranbir were always with him as family. Siddharth says Mihika’s life is in danger. Prachi asks him what happened to Mihika but Sahana hears them.

Wendy tells Dadi that she knows how to handle Rhea. Rhea comes and Wendy starts praising her. Rhea gets happy and hugs her.

Sahana asks Siddharth if he’s telling the truth? Siddharth tells that he was coming to tell the truth but then he was attacked and he got to know that Aaliya and Rhea have kidnapped Mihika. Prachi tells she believes him and assures him that they’ll get Mihika to safety and their engagement will be fake.

Rhea tells Ranbir that they can start their married life now, but he tells Rhea that he only loves Prachi and will continue to love her!

Prachi reaches the venue with Sahana who seeing Ranbir approaching immediately informs Prachi of his arrival, she replies things are going just as according to their plan so they would not say anything when he comes here only to witness if he still has feelings for her, Prachi but then thinks she would see if he is able to see her marry someone else.

Ranbir bumps into his cousin.

Sahana explains that Prachi knows his feelings when Prachi replies even then she wants to hear from his mouth as he can at once back out from his words, saying he never said it when Sahana praises her for playing such a game, Prachi replies she doesn’t know if he would flirt with her.

Prachi hugs Wendi Dadi with immense excitement who inquires if Prachi is fine mentioning she seems different? Prachi noticing that Ranbir is looking at her exclaims she is feeling good like when the relatives give them some gifts on a festival and even there is extra sauce.

Ranbir going to them mentions he can explain it when Prachi replies when she was getting ready felt it is all really difficult but when she finally wore this beautiful saree then she realized everything good would happen now, Shahana mentions even she was shocked to see how beautiful she is looking.

Ranbir tries to clarify that he helped her but Prachi exclaims she is really happy. Ranbir replies why would he not praise her when he himself helped her get ready? Prachi says that she would surely thank him if he wants a compliment.

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