Later, Aaliya shouts at Rhea for booking the massage and says that her ploy of fake pregnancy was almost up! Rhea expresses her gratitude and tells Aaliya that she is the best.

Sahana almost runs into the goon, hiding at the house.

Siddharth meanwhile remembers Aaliya ’s threats.

Aaliya asks Wendy to apologise to Rhea. Wendy stops Daljeet from rebuking Aaliya and says that they will plan their answer well.

Prachi keeps ignoring Ranbeer and talks to Siddharth about Aaliya and Rhea.

Later, Ranbeer dances with Rhea and Prachi joins in with Siddharth. Ranbeer and Prachi end up dancing together and Prachi wonders if Ranbeer knows her intentions to make him jealous?

The goon stand𝒔 behind Shahana holding a knife. Shahana sees Aryan and calls him. Aryan asks what is she doing here? Shahana says there is no light here. He checks the lights. They fall on each other. Shahana stumbles. Aryan holds her.

Aaliya comes there and asks what the hell, she is doing here?? Shahana says I came by mistake and says sorry. She goes.

Aryan asks Aaliya to come. Aaliya says she will charge her phone. Aryan says light is not there. Aaliya sees the goon and says she has some work and asks him to go. She sees the goon, who informs her that they are shifting Mihika to other hotel, and says he called her but she didn’t pick the call. He says Shahana was searching for something so he switched off the lights from the main switch. He leaves through the window. Aaliya thinks if Shahana had come to enquire about Mihika?

Prachi looks at Ranbir. Ranbir is on call. Prachi asks for water. The Waiter brings water. Prachi says I have it and drinks the water left by Ranbir. Mainu jogi hona plays…

Sid comes to Prachi and says I will not let you make ring, it is stupidity and asks her to do something. Prachi says don’t worry, we will do something. Sid says I will do something that people will think that we are engaged, but our engagement will not happen. She looks at the empty glass, and asks him to go and says she will do something. She holds the glass and breaks it with her hand. She injures her hand.

Ranbir turns hearing her and gets worried. Dadi takes Prachi to the room. Shahana asks Prachi to have medicine. Prachi teases her. Dadi asks her to sit with her and goes. Prachi tells Shahana that she hurt her hand deliberately, if Sid had made her wear the ring in her hand, 𝒂𝒔 this finger’s veins go𝒆𝒔 to the heart. Shahana says you are smart.

Ranbir comes there and asks Prachi to take care of herself, as when he is not around, then who will take care of her? Prachi says I don’t need to take care of myself, as Sid is there and we are one. Ranbir gets jealous and goes. Shahana asks what did you do? Prachi says it was necessary.

Dadi comes back to Prachi. Prachi says Shahana has tied the bandage to the right finger.

Rhea asks Sid if he is happy to get engaged to Prach𝒊? Sid says Prachi is my good friend and I don’t want to see her from your bad sight, she is a good human. He asks what happened, if she is upset? Rhea says God gave me mouth, so that doesn’t mean that you should just speak gibberish. She says I am not interested in your nonsense and don’t believe in God. She holds his hand and says don’t think that I am stopping your engagement. She calls him brother.

Aaliya says we should do the ring ceremony. Ranbir thinks of his words, that the new ring is for Prachi and him.

Pallavi asks the Priest if they can star𝒕? The Priest asks them to come. Prachi takes the ring in her hand and thinks I can’t make Sid wear the ring. Sid thinks I can’t make Prachi wear the ring, she is Ranbir’s wife.

The Priest asks Sid to make her wear 𝒕𝒉𝒆 ring first. Rhea asks her to forward her hand so that Sid can make you wear the ring. Aaliya asks her not to shy. Pallavi calls Prachi. Prachi forwards her bandaged fingers.

Aryan says your engagement is stopping. Ranbir says this can’t happen. Rhea gets angry and then says you should have taken care of yourself. Aaliya says how careless? Prachi says the glass was broken, with which I was drinking water. Aaliya asks her to forward her other hand. Prachi signals at Shahana.

Rhea thinks you have done this intentionally so that your engagement do𝒆𝒔n’t happen. Aaliya thinks your engagement will happen anyhow!

The Priest asks them to make each other wear the ring. Prachi forwards her hand. Sid holds her hand and he’s about to make her wear the ring.

Shahana is running and thinks of Prachi asking her to make Plan B ready. She recalls Prachi asking her to take off the fuse from fuse box. Aaliya and Rhea asks what happened to the light? D𝒂𝒅𝒊 asks Vikram to check. Prachi and Sid wear the ring themselves. Shahana puts on the lights again.

Aaliya asks them to make each other wear the ring. Sid and Prachi forward their hands and looks happy. Prachi says the Priest was asking us, so we made each other wear the ring at the auspicious time. Ranbir congratulate them.

Aaliya and Rhea cheers and drinks wine in the room. Aaliya says I was scared for sometime, and wondered if the engagement is happening or not. Rhea says engagement didn’t happen as Prachi got engaged herself. She says I told her that Ranbir wants to get rid of her. Aaliya says so you mean to say that she got engaged due to you.

Rhea says you are amazing, and gives credit to her. She says she is feeling victorious and powerful. She says nobody can stop me from getting Ranbir now, not even Ranbir!

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