Prachi thinks why is Ranbir very happy? Ranbir asks the guest to congratulate him. The guest congratulates him. Ranbir thanks him. Prachi pats on his shoulder. Ranbir hugs her. Prachi says your favourite heroine’s film is releasing and that’s why you are happy. Ranbir asks her to congratulate him. He asks her to congratulate him when alone.

Shahana comes to Prachi and asks her to come.

Rhea comes to the Kitchen and recalls Priya threatening them. Priya sees her and gets scared. Rhea asks if she was doing something wrong? Priya asks what do you need? Rhea asks about the fruits which they have and asks her to give Papaya bowl in 20 minutes. Priya says how can you eat Papaya? Rhea says she wants to eat and asks her to bring ir in 20 minutes!

Shahana takes Prachi to the room. Sid comes there. Shahana asks Sid to plead infront of her to tell. Sid asks her to say it. Prachi asks her to whisper in her ears. Shahana whispers in Prachi’s ears and then tells that she got the orchid hotel visiting card. She tells Sid and shows the card. Ranbir hears them.

Shahana says Aunt Aaliya saw me, but didn’t see the card. Prachi and Shahana make excuse and leave from there. Sid says I will go to the washroom.

Prachi sees Priya taking Papaya with her and asks her. Priya tells that Rhea ordered her to get Papaya else she threatened to throw her out. Prachi says she will handle Rhea and asks her to go. She says Rhea is pregnant and can’t have it. She sends Priya from there.

Wendy blackmails Dadi and asks her to tell why Ranbir was happy with Sid and Prachi’s engagement? Dadi says Ranbir was happy as Prachi wore the ring bought by Ranbir. Wendy congratulates her.

Prachi recalls Rhea booking deep tissue massage and then ordering Papaya. She thinks how can Rhea have papaya and thinks not to overthink.

Shahana comes there and says she will sing lullaby for her. She then asks what is in her mind? Prachi says Rhea wanted to have Papaya and that’s why she asked Priya to get it. She says in fact, Priya told her that it is unsafe in pregnancy, but Rhea asks her to mind her own business. Shahana says everyone says that Papaya can’t be eaten in pregnancy. She says why did she ask for it? Prachi wonders if Rhea wants to get abortion? Shahana says it is a big thing, we should enquire and asks her to give her sometime. She asks Prachi to rest.

Next day, Pallavi comes to the dining table and asks if breakfast is served? Priya says yes. Vikram and Dadi also come there. Pallavi asks Sid if he is happy after engagement? Ranbir tells Aryan that they didn’t know what actually happened. He says we should celebrate at home and will have juice. He says we will cheer then you all should congratulate me. Everyone congratulates Ranbir. Ranbir says he has completed his business venture and the interest is wonderful.

Sid whispers to Aaliya that he wants to meet Mihika. Vikram asks about Mihika? Rhea says Mihika had called Sid and informed him.

Ranbir sees Prachi coming and admires her again. Rhea gets jealous seeing Prachi and Ranbir. She scolds Priya for not bringing whatever she had ordered. Prachi says she had sent her out to buy medicines for Dadi.

Aaliya tells Sid that she will come to meet Mihika with him.

Prachi says Shahana and I will go to Sarita ji’s house. She bends down to pick the spoon. Ranbir asks should I drop you there? Prachi says no. Aaliya says I will bring a file and then we will leave. Prachi asks Shahana to come. Ranbir also goes.

Pallavi asks what is happening? Nobody knows what is happening.

Prachi stands outside Kohli Mansion. Ranbir comes in his car and asks Prachi to come, and says he will drop her off at Sarita ji’s house. He says he will also meet her. Prachi says she doesn’t want to go with him. He asks if she is ordering him like a wife? She says you can go whenever you want, but not today. He asks why?

Shahana comes out. Ranbir asks her to come and says he wants to talk to her. Shahana says I don’t want to interfere between you both.

Rhea comes there and asks him to drop her off on the way. Prachi asks him to go and tells that she has to go and talk to Sarita aunty and asks him to go. Ranbir asks Rhea to go in some other car. Rhea says all the cars left and this is the only car left. Ranbir sits in the car and goes with Rhea.

Shahana and Prachi leave in the car to follow Rhea.

Prachi sees Aaliya in the car and asks Shahana to hide. She gets the Goon’s call who tells that he has arranged meeting room. Aaliya says she is on the way and asks him not to harm Mihika, as Sid is doing as they said. Sid says I just want to see my sister fine. Aaliya asks the goon to come to the hotel backdoor and take her inside.

Ranbir and Rhea are in the car. Ranbir recalls Prachi’s words. Rhea tells him that if they like something, then all the universe works to unite them. She says everything was in our favour to make us close, universe works in magical way. She says some things spoiled with Prachi’s entry, if she hadn’t come, then I would be your first and last love. Ranbir says you were never my first or last love and says somebody told him at the college that we look good together, and we believed, and imagined us together. He says honestly, I never felt good with you, and you can never be my love, but my biggest mistake and says many misunderstandings happened due to you.

Rhea says Prachi is your mistake and spoiled our life, why don’t you see this? She says the girl about whom you are thinking, is marrying someone else, she is marrying Sid. Ranbir says she is mine. Rhea says yesterday, she got engaged. Ranbir says it happened due to my wish and says whoever she marries, I still love her, and my love will be same for her, you know tgis well. Rhea says you are spoiling everything and asks if he has feelings or not?

Ranbir stops his car and hails a Taxi. He asks her to come out and sits in the car. The Taxi Driver asks where you want to go? Rhea asks him to go to hell. She calls Aaliya and asks her to come and pick her, and tells that she is on the road. She says Ranbir left her on the road. Aaliya says why did he fight with you, did you tell something about Prachi? She says I am coming to pick you. She stops the car and asks Sid to get down, says she can’t make him meet Mihika today.

Sid says I want to meet her today only. Aaliya takes him out and throws Sid on the road.

Prachi asks the Driver to take the car to the thrown person. Prachi and Shahana come to Sid and asks why was he blindfolded? Sid says Aaliya was taking him to meet Mihika, but she threw him on the road when Rhea called and said that Ranbir left her on the road after their fight. Prachi says Ranbir. They take Sid with them.

Aaliya reaches Rhea and asks what had happened? Rhea says Ranbir said that Prachi is just his, even if she marries Sid. She says Ranbir’s feelings for Prachi is getting stronger, and says all my life is in darkness. She says I am crying standing on the road, as Ranbir left me here. Aaliya says he should have at least hired Taxi for you . Rhea says he did that, but it was like he was kicking me out from his life. She says I thought he will forget Prachi after my fake pregnancy, but nothing is happening. Aaliya says you are pregnant in his sight, but you are not looking as pregnant, and asks her to show her tummy, and act to be dizzy to get his care. Rhea says I get it.

Aaliya says I will ask the Doctor to stick you fake stomach so that you look pregnant. Rhea appreciates her idea and says now I see how I don’t get him!

Aaliya and Rhea come to the hospital and asks the Receptionist to give Dr. Madhurima’s appointment. The Nurse asks did you take the appointment. Aaliya says she is Ranbir Kohli’s wife and asks her to relay it to the Doctor. She says she will go to her Conference and leaves.

Prachi and Shahana bring Sid to the same hospital, and the Receptionist guides them to go to the second floor. Prachi asks Shahana to take Sid to the second floor. Sid is having leg injury.

Rhea comes to Dr. Madhurima’s cabin and her name plate falls down. Madhurima closes the door and says stop pretending that you are a pregnant lady and asks her not to take illegal advantage of her friendship. Rhea says nobody doubts a Doctor. Madhurima says someone is doubting me. Rhea thanks Madhurima. Madhurima says I have made fake pregnancy report for you and I fear that my licence will be cancelled. Rhea says even if something happens, then I will give you so much money, that you can’t earn in even 10 years. She tells that Prachi had snatched my husband and everything. She says I will get everything with your help, I just want Ranbir forever.

Sid tells Prachi that the Doctor’s cabin might be there. Prachi asks Sid and Shahana to sit and she goes to see the Doctor.

Rhea tells Madhurima that she wants to have tummy as she is pretending to be pregnant. Madhurima says she will show her something and shows the fake tummy.

Prachi comes there and calls out for the Doctor. Rhea gets shocked hearing her and doesn’t turn her face.

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