Wendy talks to Daljeet but Pallavi intervenes and asks her to mind her own business! Pallavi questions her statement to remove Rhea’s house but Wendy mentions that Pallavi is to be blamed for the situation at home.

At the Doctor’s clinic, Rhea hides her face as Prachi comes into the cabin.

At his Office, Ranbeer conveys his frustrations to Aryan. They both learn about Sahana and Prachi’s whereabouts.

Rhea and the Doctor argue over a fake stomach.

Ranbeer and Aryan arrive at the Clinic and look for Prachi and Sahana. Ranbeer meets with Prachi and conveys his worries to her.

Doctor Madhu and Rhea get into a war of words and Rhea realise that Ranbeer and Prachi are standing behind her.

Sahana and Aryan run into each other at the Clinic and end up arguing with each other.

Siddharth tells Aryan to speak with Sahana with respect but Aryan shouts at him and chides him for his past behaviour!

Furious, Sahana tells him that Rhea and Aaliya have kidnapped Mihika, and that is the reason Siddharth supported the lies earlier. Aryan feels tensed and Sahana mentions that Rhea will kill Mihika if Siddharth doesn’t listen to them. At that moment, Rhea, Ranbeer and Prachi arrive there.

Rhea overhears Sahana and shouts in frustration as her plan is revealed. She shouts at Siddharth for revealing the secret. She calls her goon and commands him to kill Mihika!

Sahana wakes up from her daydream but in the meanwhile, Ranbeer and Prachi ask Rhea about her argument with the Doctor? Prachi’s doubt about Rhea’s pregnancy intensifies but the Doctor takes Rhea’s side and tells everyone that there are some complications with Rhea’s pregnancy. Prachi contemplates Rhea’s pregnancy but doesn’t tell Ranbeer about it.

Later, Aryan insults Siddharth and Sahana almost let it slip that Aaliya is behind everything.

Rhea thanks the Doctor for her help and tells her that she feels stressed.

Ranbeer meanwhile sits with Prachi and asks her to tell the truth.

Aryan feels furious with Sahana as she takes Aaliya’s name. Prachi and Ranbeer arrive there and Rhea follows them, stating that she has been asked to take extra care by the Doctor. Rhea pretends to be sympathetic towards Siddharth but Sahana takes him away.

Prachi calls the spa and realises that Rhea’s appointment hasn’t been cancelled.

Outside, Ranbeer tries to follow Prachi but Rhea sits in his Car and tells him that she knows that he will take good care of her. Ranbeer gets out and asks Aryan to drop his Car back home. He goes with Prachi and Rhea feels furious over Ranbeer.

Later, Rhea learns that someone had called the spa and verified her appointment.

Ranbeer drives Prachi and Sahana around but Prachi keeps arguing with Ranbeer and gets out of the car as well. Ranbeer gets a hold of Prachi and tells her what he truly means. Prachi walks off and Ranbeer follows her in the car. He picks her up and Sahana helps Prachi get inside the car.

At home, Ranbeer and Prachi end up arguing again, and Daljeet pacifies them both. Later, Pallavi meets with Prachi and tells her that her Henna ceremony is the next day and she’ll be married off soon. Ranbeer hears their conversation and feels upset.

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