Ranbeer later conveys his frustrations to Aryan and states that he will lose Prachi. Aryan gives him an idea.

Prachi wonders about Rhea’s words and tells Sahana that Rhea should have returned home and she must have gone for a massage.

Later, at the massage parlour, Prachi and Sahana run into Aaliya, who brushes their fears off. A hidden Rhea comes out once they leave and Aaliya thinks to herself that Rhea would have been caught. Later, Aaliya tells Rhea to be careful and mentions that she had overheard Prachi and Sahana enquiring about Rhea at the clinic.

Prachi conveys her doubts to Sahana and mentions that something devious is going on with Rhea and Aaliya. She decides to investigate further and tells Sahana that she wishes to see Rhea’s pregnancy report once again.

Later, Pallavi calls the Priest at home and tells Daljeet that none of the children is happy and she wishes to do a prayer to set things right.

Ranbeer and Aryan hide from Pallavi.

Sahana tells Prachi that she should tell the truth to Pallavi, as having her on their side is certainly advantageous. Prachi mentions that she needs to think about Rhea’s child but also rebukes Ranbeer’s behaviour. She tells Sahana that she will make Ranbeer jealous and get him to beg!

Rhea comes to Siddharth’s room and he tells her that he hates her. Pallavi overhears Rhea and Siddharth’s conversation and Pallavi asks him if Aaliya really threw him out of the car? Rhea threatens Siddharth while leaving and tells him not to create more problems!

Later at the Henna ceremony, Rhea feels elated as Prachi will leave the house soon and confronts Wendy for her behaviour. Wendy calls Rhea shameless and walks away.

Rhea complains to Pallavi about Daljeet and Wendy and Pallavi says that she will talk to them later. Ranbeer and Aryan talk about Prachi and Sahana.

Prachi rebukes the design chosen by Ranbeer for her Henna. Pallavi feels elated over the ceremony and Ranbeer tries to walk away. Aryan cheers him up and says that Prachi has chosen the design selected by him.

At the Doctor’s Clinic, Dr Madhu learns that Rhea’s pregnancy report which says that she is not pregnant has been sent to her house.

At home, Sahana and Rhea argue, taunting each other. Later, Sahana picks up Rhea’s phone and Dr Madhu states that the report has been sent home and to make sure no one else receives it. Sahana wonders what the report states and decides to talk to Prachi.

Later, Ranbeer talks to Vikram about Prachi and taunts Siddharth as Prachi is upset. He runs into Rhea, who tries to get close to him by pretending to be hurt.

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