Pallavi taunts Prachi and tells her not to think about Ranbeer anymore.

Aaliya ends up in a tussle of words with Daljeet and Wendy.

Later, Sahana tells Prachi about Dr Madhu’s call, but Aaliya overhears the two.

Rhea gets Ranbeer to care for her and tells him she loves him.

Aaliya runs to Rhea and tells her about the report. Rhea calls Dr Madhu who says that the report is on the way, and it states that she is not pregnant.

Prachi and Sahana wait for the courier to arrive while Daljeet and Wendy talk about how perfect Ranbeer is for Prachi.

Ranbeer takes Sahana to the side and asks her what is going on with Prachi and why are they waiting? Sahana makes up an excuse and gets Ranbeer to back down, but he prank-calls Prachi and tries to talk to her.

The courier arrives and Sahana tries to take the report.

Prachi confronts Ranbeer, who hides along with her as Rhea walks by. Ranbeer gets jealous as Prachi mentions Siddharth’s name.

Later, Pallavi comes to the door and ends up taking the report in her hand.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer and Prachi argue with each other, and she asks him to confess his true feelings to her.

Sahana comes running and tells Prachi that the report is with Pallavi. Rhea, flustered, tells Aaliya that Pallavi has the report.

In the ensuing chaos, the report ends up with a Waiter at the function and it gets stuck to his shoe. Pallavi mentions that she gave the report to Daljeet and Wendy and Rhea gets angry. Prachi and Sahana figure out that the report is with the Waiter and so does Rhea and Aaliya.

Later, Ranbeer tells Vikram that he doesn’t want Prachi to get married to Siddharth. Vikram feels glad as Ranbeer realizes his feelings and tells him to confess the truth to Prachi.

Ranbeer dances with Prachi and Sahana sees the report on the ground. She picks it up and opens it but realises that the envelope is empty.

Ranbeer and Prachi dance together at the ceremony. Prachi trips and falls but Ranbeer saves her from getting injured and hugs her as he feels worried about her.

Meanwhile, Sahana opens the envelope but finds the pregnancy report missing.

Rhea comes to her room and finds Sahana inside. Furious, they argue with each other and later, Aaliya shows the report to Rhea and says that she switched them out on time.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer and Prachi argue and Ranbeer says that he loves Prachi and only he will take care of her. Rhea and Aaliya overhear the two and Rhea feels upset over his words.

Prachi feels joyous over Ranbeer’s words.

Rhea loses her temper, conveys her frustrations to Aaliya, and states that Ranbeer doesn’t even look at her! Aaliya gives her an idea and states that they should permanently remove Prachi from Ranbeer’s life!

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