Rhea sees Ranbeer trying to get close to Prachi and worries he might get hurt. Ranbeer, meanwhile, tries to make Prachi jealous and Rhea arrives there. Ranbeer walks away and Prachi and Rhea end up arguing with each other.

Rhea goes to make sure Prachi’s dress burns but just as she is about to, Aaliya stops her and drags her away.

Pallavi sees the two and notices that Rhea has the scarf meant for Prachi. Pallavi feels flustered and goes behind them.

Ranbeer talks to Neha and tells her that he wishes to make Prachi jealous. Prachi sees the two and interrupts them once again.

Aaliya tells Rhea to not do anything stupid and to not stay around Prachi. Aaliya conveys her plan to her and mentions that her goon will drive the Car with Siddharth but will leave him alone after a point and the Car will get into an accident.

Later, Sahana and Aryan argue with each other and Siddharth and the goon arrive there. He gives him the key to the Car and tells him to drive himself. Aryan and Sahana argue at the Car and he takes the Car keys from Siddharth. Sahana sits in the car too.

Pallavi comes out looking for Rhea and notices Aryan driving away in the car. Later, Pallavi comes to talk to Aaliya, who laments about Aryan’s behaviour. Pallavi tells her that Aryan is well-mannered and did offer to drive Siddharth. Aaliya feels shocked by Pallavi’s words. Adding to her worries, Pallavi says that the shawl meant for Prachi is worn by Rhea. Aaliya feels flustered over the news and runs out of the room.

Aryan, while driving, realises that the brakes of the Car have malfunctioned. Aaliya prays to God to save Aryan and sees Rhea walking around. She runs behind her while trying to call Aryan on the phone.

Ranbir follows Prachi and asks if she’s jealous? Prachi asks why is he behaving like a snall child? He says no, he is enjoying seeing her burning like anaar (A pomegranate which is a round fruit with a thick reddish skin. It contains lots of small seeds with juicy flesh around them.) Prachi asks what is this? Ranbir says nothing. He says he is not in the mood to answer her and will go and celebrate Diwali. He turns to go and starts walking, he thinks if she stops me, then it means she loves me. He turns and looks at her, but he couldn’t see her. She is in front of him and she takes him to the wall. She says she is having hormonal changes and gets angry. Ranbir smiles. She asks him not to smile when she is angry. He says you look good while fighting. Prachi says I don’t want to end our fight, as I love fighting. Ranbir says let’s see, who will win, our fight or love? He reminds her of their first Diwali.

Prachi recalls it and says no. Ranbir asks if she remembers that they have seen a Couple marriage and imagined his wedding with her? He asks if she saw Neha? Prachi says you will not look at her and says you know very well that I get angry. Ranbir asks her to tell the truth and asks if she is hiding her anger? He tells that there is something on her cheeks and cleans it.

Rhea comes there and gets angry, seeing them so close. Prachi sees Rhea’s scarf is about to catch fire and runs to save her. She holds and hugs her.

Rhea holds Prachi’s scarf and tries to burn it. Aaliya comes there and stops Rhea. She takes Rhea with her. Ranbir looks on.

Aryan is still driving the Car. Shahana asks Aryan to stop the Car! Aryan says I can’t stop the Car and asks her to pray that it stops somehow. They pray to God to save them. Aryan hits the Car on the tree. Shahana asks if we are alive? Sid says yes. Aryan sees the Car’s front side damaged and gets worried. Shahana asks him to tell her, so that she doesn’t scold him. Aryan asks really? Sid says yes.

Rhea asks Aaliya to let her do whatever she thinks right, and says Prachi has to die, as she was romancing with my Ranbir, when she has to marry Sid! Aaliya asks her to calm down. Rhea says she can’t calm down and tells that she has full chance to make Prachi vanish from Ranbir’s life! She says when she has to die, then why not now? She says once her scarf catches fire…,

Aaliya slaps Rhea and says your scarf would have caught fire and then you would have blasted. She says you were wearing that gun powder scarf and not her. Rhea throws the scarf on the floor. Aaliya asks if she understood why she was stopping her? Rhea gets tensed.

Aaliya gets Aryan’s call. Aryan apologizes to Aaliya and tells about the Car accident. Aaliya asks if he is fine? Aryan says yes. Aaliya asks him to come home and asks about Sid? Aryan asks did you see us going? Aaliya asks him to come home, and tells that she doesn’t care about Sid!

Rhea tells Aaliya that she was almost saved from death. Aaliya takes the scarf. Rhea says I was about to burn myself and not Prachi. Aaliya asks her to forget about that and tells that they have to make Prachi wear this scarf and take back your scarf from her. Rhea says thank God, God made Prachi emotional, else she wouldn’t have saved me. Aaliya says they have to think of something else.

Ranbir recalls Prachi saving Rhea and asks if she has her mind or had fixed deposit it? He says you are pregnant and was running. Prachi says I? Ranbir says when you are wrong, then just accept it. He says if you get unwell or get even a scratch, then I feel the pain. He says if anything happens to the baby, then I will never forgive you, I don’t know why I am saying this, if this is right or wrong.

Prachi says you should not do this, as nobody takes care of me like you, nobody worries for me like you do, nobody looks at me like you look at me. She gets emotional and hugs him. Pallavi sees them hugging. Ranbir reciprocates the hug.

Aaliya asks Rhea to wear the scarf and says you can’t go without it. She asks her not to be scared and wear it. She says Prachi is alone, and asks her to come. Rhea asks what we will do? Aaliya says we will make her wear the scarf. Rhea asks what will you say? That the scarfs are exchanged and that Rhea’s scarf is unsafe and your scarf is safe? Aaliya says we will spill something on Prachi’s scarf and then when she goes for washing. She says I will go behind her, on the pretext of washing your scarf and will exchange the scarf.

Aaliya and Rhea are coming towards Prachi. Prachi sees them smiling.

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