Shahana recalls their accident and realizes something. She comes to Prachi and says Aunt Aaliya wants to kill Sid. Sid hears her. Shahana says Sid threatened Aaliya to meet Mihika and that’s why she got angry. She says she had said that her man will meet him with Mihika, but he excused himself. She says Aryan went with them and then Aaliya called him again and again. She says when Aryan apologized to her as she is possessive about her Car, she asked about Sid.

Ranbir comes there. Sid diverts the topic. Ranbir asks if they were talking about him?

Rhea comes there and takes Prachi with her. Ranbir says why they are behaving strangely?

Sid says what is happening? Shahana says she understands well.

Prachi asks Rhea what is going on but then stops her questioning what is she trying to prove as neither the right to be a Sister or be the second woman connect? Rhea replies that their stars meet as whenever something happens to her, Prachi is always there and this is the same for her.

Rhea sees Aaliya who is walking towards her with the tray containing the oil lamps, Aaliya recalls when she informed Rhea they must make sure their plan is fulfiled this time and she has to take care of the situation, Aaliya then purposefully stumbles causing Prachi to fall while giving Rhea the opportunity to change her scarf, they both were glad as now there is going to be a blast!

Rhea is anxiously waiting for the blast, but Prachi is taken away by Neha, Aaliya and Rhea try to follow her but are stopped by some Guests.

Neha apologizes to Prachi if she felt anything bad explaining she and Ranbir were just acting to tease her, Prachi with a smile explains that Neha doesn’t have to feel sorry because if she thinks that Prachi is unaware of the entire situation because she knows her husband and she’s aware he cannot do anything wrong, Neha asks if she knew the entire truth then why was she not angry? Prachi replies she was really angry and even felt really jealous but did not suspect him, explaining both of these things are different so she must relax.

Prachi goes to the Temple where she starts praying while standing in front of the oil lamp, she recalls how Sahana informed that Rhea and Aaliya desire to have Sid killed. Prachi starts wondering where Sahana went as she was talking about informing her about Sid’s accident?

Aaliya and Rhea are searching for the crackers when Aaliya explains they are just on the floor and if they light it, then it will end Prachi’s life!

Sid is standing when Aryan comes asking if he has gotten the tickets? Sid replies Ranbir said Aryan is going to book the tickets and leave with Prachi once and for all, Sid requests Aryan to at least try and understand his situation, Aryan replies he must not even think like this since he tried to harm Ranbir so he’s also his enemy!

Prachi rushes seeing the oil lamp is about to go off, Rhea exclaims she cannot wait any longer and so rushes to light the crackers, Prachi is stunned but not able to leave, she screams which causes Ranbir to rush towards her.

Rhea sees him coming, so get tensed thinking he would die but Aaliya pulls her closer before throwing another cracker in the lawn causing Rhea to be trapped however Ranbir rushes to protect Prachi, he immediately covers her in a cloth while Aryan manages to pull Rhea aside but she once again rushes inside.

Ranbir seeing the scarf throws it in the air which causes a blast leaving everyone stunned, they are left shocked thinking what might have happened?

Aaliya and Rhea are saddened as their plan failed!

Ranbir questions why are they looking at her as they must know what has happened to her? Prachi assures there is nothing wrong with her as she is fine, Ranbir replies she must stop talking.

Vikram also gets worried when Ranbir exclaims they cannot tell him what to speak as he knows what happened was wrong but how can a scarf blast, they do not reply when he vows to burn all of the scarf in the house!

Aryan stops Ranbir asking what he is doing? Ranbir mentions he is doing it because no one in this house is doing anything, while Prachi is not in the least worried at all, he asks if they all really think it was an accident? They all remain quiet when he decides to take the help of the Police but throws away his mobile, as it doesn’t have any battery.

Prachi questions what he is doing as she is still alive, Ranbir goes to slap her and he hugging her exclaims she should never say it as long as he is alive, they both remember the time they were together. Prachi apologizes, but Ranbir asks who gave her the scarf?

Vikram recalls when Pallavi mentioned she accidentally gave the Rhea’s scarf to Prachi and vice versa.

Ranbir asks his Mom if she brought it? She doesn’t know what to do so wonders where Aaliya is?

Aaliya is walking when Rhea follows her questioning why did the scarf caught fire so late, as it should have happened earlier? Aaliya angrily replies she doesn’t know about it! Rhea not being able to control herself starts banging her head against the wall, Aaliya requests her to calm down when Rhea exclaims she would kill herself! Aaliya explains she cannot control everything, Rhea asks then why does she take so much things in her hands explaining she is a lot more clever then Prachi and even beautiful but Ranbir always gets near her, no matter how hard she tries, she is not able to get close to him!

Aaliya yells at her saying she must not act like such a helpless person! Rhea explains she doesn’t have any other choice since Ranbir would try his best to find out who gave Prachi the scarf!

Pallavi comes asking Aaliya, who doesn’t know what happened, when Pallavi exclaims that some questions were raised which they must answer, and everyone needs the answer to these questions! Pallavi asks why Rhea is crying? Aaliya reveals that she is worried for Prachi as she is her sister and she’s more worried when she doesn’t show her feelings, Pallavi mentions no one is blaming her but they just need to answer the questions.

Ranbir is anxiously waiting when Dadi brings the first aid box asking him to apply the medicine, Ranbir asks Aryan to give Prachi his mobile, she replies she doesn’t know about it when Ranbir exclaims she has to call the Cops, she replies she is fine and there is no need to answer it, Ranbir exclaims she had already called the Cops once before and can do it again but he is done pretending he doesn’t care about her as he actually does!

Prachi starts crying, Ranbir mentions she should not cry as it makes him furious!

Pallavi comes explaining they wanted to know who brought the scarf, she reveals it was Aaliya who brought it from the Temple and there were two scarfs with the blessings, Ranbir explains this means someone placed the material after the scarf was already made, he asks Aaliya from where did she buy it in the Temple?

Rhea falls on Aaliya as if she is unconscious, Aaliya immediately asks Aryan for his help to take Rhea inside, Prachi and Ranbir both are worried.

Aryan helps Rhea and gets her in the room. Aaliya doesn’t let him call the Doctor and Siddharth tells Aaliya that he still wishes to meet Mihika. Aaliya throws him out of the room and Rhea wakes up, stating that she had to put on the act.

Pallavi comes to the room and Rhea once again pretends to be weak. Pallavi says that she should have been more considerate of Rhea.

Meanwhile, Ranbir and Prachi argue with each other, and she hugs him to say thank you.

The family members wonder about the incident and Aryan mentions that Aaliya’s behaviour is problematic.

Aaliya comes there and feigns innocence, stating that the shawl Prachi had was not the one brought by her.

Ranbeer calls the Police and Daljeet asks Aaliya why she is tensed?

The Police Inspector arrives and states that she will be conducting the investigation thoroughly! The Police Inspector starts questioning everyone and tells Vikram and Daljeet that she knows they are innocent.

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