Sahana tells Prachi about the missing reports.

Later, Aaliya meets with a Tailor who promises to help her with her ploy.

Meanwhile, Sahana and Prachi go looking for the pregnancy report and Rhea overhears them.

Vikram talks to Pallavi and states that he feels she is making a mistake. Pallavi refuses to listen and says that her actions are not wrong.

In her room, Rhea tells Aaliya that she is tired and doesn’t wish to fight anymore. Rhea cries her heart out and tells Aaliya that she is losing and Ranbeer will never be hers! Aaliya blames Prachi for their problems and says that she has planned everything and that Prachi will lose her life! Rhea conveys her worries and states that she feels Prachi will remove her from her house and from everyone’s life but she states that Prachi shouldn’t be killed. Aaliya states that Prachi’s death will look like an accident and tells her to relax.

Later, Aaliya makes up a lie when Pallavi asks her about the shawl she brought. Pallavi gives Rhea and Prachi the gifts and expresses her gratitude to Aaliya. She feels elated over her plan and tells Rhea about it. Rhea vows to exact her revenge on Prachi and teach her a lesson!

At the ceremony, Rhea and Prachi argue with each other and Rhea states that Prachi will leave the house soon! Prachi reminds Rhea that she is Ranbeer’s wife and he loves her. Rhea gives Prachi a challenge and states that whomever Ranbeer spends the Diwali with, will be his life partner!

Siddharth later argues with Aaliya and says that he wishes to speak with his Sister!

Siddharth makes his stand and threatens Aaliya, stating that he wishes to meet his Sister. Aaliya agrees while Rhea feels perplexed. Aaliya calls her goon and asks him to come to pick Siddharth up.

Later, Aaliya tells Rhea that she plans to kill Siddharth and Prachi both, on the same day!

Prachi worries about Rhea’s plan and tells Siddharth to be careful. Siddharth mentions that Rhea’s condition is for him to do the prayer with Prachi.

The Priest arrives and the prayer begins. Ranbeer holds Prachi’s hand and brings her ahead, to do the prayer with him.

Rhea feels shocked but Aaliya waits for Prachi’s dress to engulf in flames whenever she is near a lantern. Aaliya and Rhea keep a watch on Prachi and talk about their plans. Rhea notices that Aryan is at the door.

Later, Vikram comes to Ranbeer and tells her that Pallavi wishes to burst crackers with him.

Aryan doesn’t question Aaliya too much and she distracts him quickly.

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