Rhea asks what are you saying? Prachi says I am saying what you had said. You have raised question on my pregnancy and I am raising question on your pregnancy as I feel that this baby is not of Ranbir!

Aaliya says Rhea will not get any test done! Prachi says then I will not do this marriage! Aaliya says all arrangements are done, why won’t you marry?

Pallavi says Prachi has raised question on our reputation as Ranbir is our Son. She asks Rhea to clear Prachi’s doubt as she doesn’t want her to talk such things when she goes from here after marriage. She asks Rhea to get the test done in the morning, to make her quiet. She says the pre-wedding ceremony will happen in the evening and then day after tomorrow will be marriage, that’s final!

Rhea goes to the room and tells Aaliya what was the need to say all those things and says you have provoked Prachi! She says Mom was speaking from our side, and says Prachi is doing this to stop her marriage with Sid. Aaliya asks her to relax. Rhea says when I am not pregnant then how will the baby be seen? Everyone will know that I am not pregnant. She says everything is blank, I can’t take tension and stress, and says she will die.

Aaliya asks her to stay positive and says they have time till tomorrow. She asks her to talk to her friend Dr. Madhurima, and give her greed or you could as well emotionally blackmail her to lie.

Prachi recalls asking Rhea to get the test done. She thinks that she has done right and thinks what will be the result for this? She thinks the truth will come out, if she has done something with her pregnancy or if she was never pregnant? She says we are Twins, but are different. She says you could have at least become a good Sister, if not good human. She says she wants to share all her feelings with her, but she becomes the reason of all her problems.

Ranbir comes there and stands at the door. Prachi looks at him. Ranbir thanks her. Prachi asks for what? Ranbir says you know and goes. He then stops. Prachi says she doesn’t know. Ranbir says he is happy to know that she’s his baby’s mother, you might go away from my eye sight, but will always be closer to his heart. Prachi gets touched and emotional. He goes. Song plays…

Prachi asks her baby if she/he heard what Papa said? She says we will always be his strength, as he has the right on the happiness, and we will stay as a happy family. She says your Papa loves you so much even now, how much will he love you when you come into this world?

Sid thinks of Prachi’s words and gets worried. Prachi comes there. Sid asks why he asked Rhea to get the test done, and you were even about to tell the truth about Mihika. Prachi assures that nothing will happen to Mihika, as they didn’t know that she knows everything. She asks him to wait for tomorrow and says she will get Mihika freed. She says Rhea and Aaliya will be exposed and you will get your Sister back and I will get back my husband. She says everyone will know that our relationship is of friendship and you are like my brother. She says she needs Shahana.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Dr. Madhurima is not picking her calls. Aaliya asks her to call again. Rhea calls Madhurima and asks her to be in the hospital tomorrow. Madhurima says she’s always in the hospital. Rhea says she is coming to the hospital to get her baby’s DNA test done. Madhurima asks if you think of yourself as a Mother? Rhea says I called you so that you can help me get the fake DNA test done and make fake report.

Madhurima says the amount will be big for the big work. Rhea says you will get the money, and the work should be done! She turns and sees Pallavi standing. She drops her phone. Madhurima understands someone came in over there.

Aaliya asks Rhea not to be afraid of Pallavi and tells that she’s always with you. Pallavi asks what happened? Aaliya says since Prachi said that the baby is not of Ranbir, Rhea has been anxious and replying something else when asked. She says Rhea is accused and she is feeling bad and humiliated.

Pallavi hugs Rhea feeling bad for her and asks her not to worry. She says we will get your test done now itself so that you don’t get worried the more. She goes to talk to Ranbir.

Rhea asks Aaliya what did you do, as the matter would be handled today now? Aaliya asks Rhea to talk to Dr. Madhurima.

Pallavi comes there and tells that Ranbir is waiting for you at the parking lot and asks her to come.

Prachi says Sid is right, Rhea’s hatred is growing each day.

Dadi comes there and hugs Prachi. She says the suggestion of DNA test, is like Sanjeevani buti, and says even you want Rhea not to stay with Ranbir. She says just as the test comes negative, Ranbir will stop your marriage. She says Pallavi wanted you to stay with Sid, thinking you are pregnant with his child.

Ranbir is standing there. Dadi says just as he knows that he is not the father of Rhea’s child, he will not let you go. Prachi tries to stop her, but in vain. Dadi says I see your love getting stronger. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other.

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